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2 suspects 'down' after deadly shooting at Naval Yard

2 suspects 'down' after deadly shooting at Naval Yard
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Three patients -- one man and two women -- admitted to MedStar Washington Hospital Center had multiple gunshot wounds, resulting in "severe injuries," chief medical officer Janis Orlowski said Monday. The injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, she said.

[Breaking news update at 11:31 a.m. Monday]

Two suspected shooters "are down" at the Washington Navy Yard, according to Ed Zeigler, director of Public Affairs for Naval District Washington. Zeigler was not able to confirm whether the suspected gunmen had been taken into custody or killed.
"Multiple" people have been killed in the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, Zeigler told CNN's Dan Merica.


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I immediately thought it was the Naval Yard in Bangor, WA in which my ship goes for repairs.

Off topic - I was on board the USS Abe Lincoln, a carrier. I watched a sci-fi movie the other day and the ship's name was USS Abe Lincoln and it was a destroyer lol.

Post #2   9/16/13 12:21:41PM   

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Fantastic, this is exactly what we needed in this country. More homicidal assholes.

Post #3   9/16/13 3:14:07PM   

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So what else is new

Ron Paul 2016

Post #4   9/16/13 5:18:09PM   
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