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Jacare Souza reluctantly open to future fight against Anderson Silva

Jacare Souza reluctantly open to future fight against Anderson Silva
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Although he doesn't seem to want to do so, Ronaldo Souza admitted at last night's (Sept. 4, 2013) UFC Fight Night 28 post-fight press conference that he's open to a fight against his fellow countryman, Anderson Silva.


Post #1   9/7/13 1:29:28AM   

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I would take Anderson in that one.

Post #2   9/7/13 12:16:01PM   

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Posted by Lungsofsteel

I would take Anderson in that one.

I would too. However....

Jacare has massively improved his striking and he is literally world class on the ground (that term gets thrown around way to much.)

The only guy Anderson has fought who is anything like Jacare is Demian Maia. Demian Maia was extremely timid in that fight, lacked striking at the time, and never made much of a serious attempt to get Anderson down.

If anyone can beat Anderson, its an aggressive grappler like Jacare. Unlike Chael Sonnen or Chris Weidman though, Jacare actually has the tools to do something to Anderson after getting him down.

Post #3   9/8/13 2:14:49AM   
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