Fights to make after UFC Fight Night: Teixiera vs Bader

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Glover Teixiera - He had me scared at the beginning there, he was getting tagged quite a bit, which will be a problem if he fights Jon Jones. Which looks to be case. That is assuming he gets past Alexander Gustafsson. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Phil Davis should the winner of the title fight get injured or something because we haven't really seen a high caliber wrestler test in the deep waters or with relentless take downs.

Ryan Bader - He actually put up a better effort than I thought he would. He hurt Glover on more than one occasion and was landing pretty well until he left him self open and got knocked out. I liked what I saw from Bader and hopefully it's a sign that he is still capable of improving. I'd like to see him fight Silva/Hamill loser or James Te Huna in his next fight

Ronaldo Souza - JACARE!!!! Wow did he ever freaking deliver last night. The biggest win of his career and surely puts him right near the top of the division for talks of getting a title shot. He has come a long way and has what it takes to be one of the best in the world. I'm assuming Belfort gets the next shot if he beats Henderson so I think they'll give Jacare the Bisping/Munoz winner or Costa Philippou if he wins his next fight. The division is pretty crammed to say the least. Not a lot of possibilities at this point.

Yushin Okami - Not his best outing, expected a little more out of him but he seemed way too tentative, I see Okami just being the top of the division gatekeeper, he'll probably be top 10 for a long time but it's tough to see him getting a title shot unless he changes up his game in some way. Machida/Kennedy loser or Bisping/Munoz loser are likely next for him

Joseph Benavidez - He went out there and did what everyone thought he would do and finished one on of the best flyweights in the world impressively. Honestly the only man capable of beating Joe B at flyweight is Demetrious Johnson which I think should happen next but Joseph isn't in a rush. If that fight doesn't happen next the only other possible opponent for him would be the Dodson/Montague winner.

Jussier Formiga - Pretty bad stylistic match up for him. He needs to improves his striking both offensively and defensively if he wants to get a title shot one day. There are lots of good next steps for him, personally I'm hoping for John Moraga or Louis Gaudinot

Piotr Hallman - This guy has tons of heart because I thought for sure it was just a matter of time before he would be finished brutally and unable to move without pain for the next week. Those body shots are tough to take especially from a beast like Trinaldo. Piotr won me over as a fan and showed he belongs in the UFC. I hate making fights for Lightweight because there are just too many guys it's tough to say where he's going next haha. Maybe James Vick ? or Isaac Valle-flagg

Francisco Trinaldo - Surprised at how bad he gassed, I mean at that age and at that pace with the weight cut it's almost inevitable but I don't remember gassing out against Tibau when he was getting dominated for two rounds. If this is a huge issue for him he will either have to move up in weight or just keep finishing guys in the first round . Have him fight Quinn Mulhern or Roger Bowling next

Rafael Natal - He's on a bit of an impressive run now after that dominant victory over Tor. He could fight John Howard next or maybe Ed Herman. Either way I think he'll get a higher caliber opponent next. He deserves it after dominating these lower tier guys

Tor Troeng - He is tough as hell, massive respect for surviving and then having a solid 3rd round. He does seem to have an issue with his chin though and in the UFC that is definitely not something you want. I think Tor will be fighting Buddy Roberts or someone like that next, hopefully he can work on his striking defense and not get tagged as much

Ali Bagautinov - He looked pretty sick last night. Other than the slip up in the first round he was pretty much flawless. He does have a lot to improve on though as anyone of higher caliber could have taken advantage of some opening he was leaving. He looked as though he was getting tired and gonna ride to UD but then BOOM, huge KO. He's got power for a flyweight and that's something that'll help him as he gets into the deeper waters of the UFC. Tim Elliot or Dustin Ortiz would make for good fights at Flyweight

Marcos Vincius - He honestly was just walking forward right into those punches all day, not what I expected from the bigger, more experienced guy. He'll need a win in his next fight or he's likely cut from the UFC. Azamat Gashimov next in a loser leaves town match is likely what's next.

Kevin Souza - He looked like he'll be an interesting addition to the FW division. I missed the whole third round but from what I saw in the first two he's got some solid striking and uses his range well along with being aggressive. His TDD looked okay too but it does seem like something he'll need to improve on if anything. Give him Cody McKenzie and see what happens

Felipe Arantes - Didn't look too bad tonight, he definitely had his moments. Not much to say here, I"d give him Marcus Brimage or Robbie Peralta for his next appearance

Lucas Martins - Great performance by him. He's huge for bantamweight and is a finisher which sit okay with me Good win for him, excited to see what he can do next against Yaotzin Meza or Jumabieke Tuerxun

Ramiro Hernandez - Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of anything out of him other than he got beat senseless so it's tough to say where he'll go next, I'm sure he'll get another chance since it was a short notice fight. I hope next time we'll see what he can do, as far as opponents go, someone like Dustin Pague or Kid Yamamoto could be good tests.

Elias Silverio - He looked pretty solid tonight. Great TDD and solid stand up. He'll be an exciting addition to WW. Viscardi Andrade or Zak Cummings are decent next steps for the undefeated prospect

Joao Zeferino - Brutal fight from him. He looked even worse than against Sapo on short notice. It's almost certain he's getting cut, sniped, nixed, and fired.

Ivan Jorge - Just when I thought he was gonna come out and have brutal third round after looking exhausted at the end of the second, he turns it up and shows us his best round of the fight! I liked what I saw from Batman. Keith is tough and Ivan went to work on him. He could fight Elias Silverio or Sean Spencer for his next fight.

Keith Wisniewski - Something about watching him fight just makes me think he doesn't want it as bad, he doesn't have a sense of urgency and that's what he needed. He'll be cut after being 0-4 in the UFC and having 3 straight loses. Better luck elsewhere Keith.

Sean Spencer - Honestly I was going back and forth on picking him or Villefort and I ended up on Yuri but as soon as I saw Spencer walking out to Higher Ground by TNGHT (One of my favorite beats and easily the walkout song I would pick if I was a fighter) I knew it was all downhill from there . he looked sharp though tonight. Great boxing and hips, it was a close fight that could have gone either way but props to Spencer on the big win. Ivan Jorge, Elias Siverio, Adam Khaliev, too many lower tier guys at WW there is almost no telling where he'll go next.

Yuri Villefort - His conditioning and striking defense cost him tonight. He put up a valiant effort but he'll more than likely be cut.

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