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RDA claims 2 foes broke hands on his new metal jaw

RDA claims 2 foes broke hands on his new metal jaw
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UFC Lightweight Rafael dos Anjos suffered a broken jaw in a 2010 loss to Clay Guida, he claims that two of his subsequent opponents have broken their hands on his titanium replacement jaw.


Post #1   8/28/13 4:41:55PM   

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Would you want to punch this:

Post #2   8/28/13 11:31:49PM   

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If this is actually the case then something needs to be done before he is allowed to fight. Have no clue what the solutions but it is completely unfair for his opponents to punch a metal jaw that is proven to break your hand.

Post #3   8/29/13 12:43:50AM   

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Don't think it really matters, as guys break their hands on people's non-metal jaws all the time. Human hands aren't built for striking.

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Post #4   8/29/13 1:26:06PM   
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