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UFC targets Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson rematch for Nov. 9 event in Brazil

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UFC targets Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson rematch for Nov. 9 event in Brazil
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It appears Vitor Belfort (23-10 MMA, 12-6 UFC) may finally have settled on an acceptable opponent in a familiar foe: Dan Henderson (29-10 MMA, 6-4 UFC).

It was revealed on Tuesday's new edition of "UFC Tonight" that UFC officials are targeting a rematch between Belfort and Henderson, who first met in 2006, for an as-yet-unannounced Nov. 9 fight card in Brazil that would likely serve as UFC Fight Night 31.

According to the report, both Belfort and Henderson have verbally agreed to the contest, thought it's currently unclear if the fight would take place at middleweight, light heavyweight or perhaps somewhere in between. Bout agreements have yet to be finalized


Post #1   8/21/13 12:49:17AM   

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I like it

Post #2   8/21/13 1:48:39AM   

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as much as i like vitor, Ive come to the point that ill believe he has fight once the contract is signed. too much BS drama with him lately

Post #3   8/21/13 1:52:49AM   

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Meh. I'll bite my tongue on this one.

Great fight, but I'd like to see TRT-Rex fight outside of Brazil.

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Nice! I love this fight. Both guys are a lot different than their first fight.

Post #5   8/21/13 4:53:14AM   

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Jones (fight happened)
Bisping (fight happened)
Rockhold (fight happened)
Rashad (threat by Dana)
Now Henderson...

Fed up of hearing his name thrown around to fight someone.

If he never fought someone again I really could not care just because his out of cage actions recently have been pathetic.

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go figure this fight is in Brazil

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Awesome fight. Can't wait.

Post #8   8/21/13 11:44:28AM   

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Post #9   8/21/13 11:44:59AM   

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It could and should be a good fight, didn't see the first fight,but I assume Vitor got lnp'd to a UD.

Post #10   8/21/13 11:56:38AM   

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Hendo is my fav fighter, but kinda meh on this fight. Not like their first fight was close or exciting.

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Post #11   8/21/13 12:39:00PM   

KE Released in MAtter

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I guess I'm the only one not interested in this fight. I don't really see the point in it when there are so many other options for Belfort that are more relevant.

Post #12   8/21/13 1:25:44PM   

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prozacnation1978 Avatar

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Too big of a fight for a free card.
This fight should be co main at 167
Belfort dodged Vegas. Deadly in Brazil.
Belfort by ko

Post #13   8/21/13 1:29:54PM   


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If I could read three books by Warren Buffett or one by Dana White, I'd read Dana's. Ohh wait, what are we talking about again? VICTOR Belfort.....Mister, "I better check with my Wife on who to fight" wants another fight with a 52 year Brasil, of all places.

It’s a level of ridiculous that I’m not willing to go to. To act as though those [Victor’s] previous fights were anything above board, I’m just not gonna do it.....I don't trust the Brazilian "faithful' checking Victor's blood anymore than I trust Wandalay NOT getting facial injections by Dr. 90210....or Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew....whomever.

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Post #14   8/21/13 1:32:39PM   

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All this crap with TRT-tor and this is what they come up with? A matchup against a guy coming off 2 losses? Sorry, I like Dan too, but this is bullshit. After all this positioning and Vitor accepts this fight and not the others? What a let down. This is an irrelevant fight IMO

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Post #15   8/21/13 2:29:17PM   
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