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Munoz vs. Bisping expected for Manchester card

Munoz vs. Bisping expected for Manchester card
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Michael Bisping and Mark Munoz are set to face off in Manchester on October 26th according to a report.


Post #1   7/13/13 1:04:16AM   

Randy is King

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Good fight

Hopefully Munoz can end it with those donkey kong punches.

Post #2   7/13/13 3:19:32AM   

Slight Reach Advantage

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I like it!

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Post #3   7/13/13 5:27:45AM   

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Nothing would make me happier than a recreation of munoz' last fight: opponent on knees, back against the cage, munoz cup blasting opponent right in the face. Sadly ill talk bisping all day

Post #4   7/13/13 6:18:34AM   

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Not bad fight. I was hoping rockhold vs bisping.

Looks more likely belcher vs rockhold now.

Post #5   7/13/13 8:01:52AM   

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Meh. Not interested in this fight at all. Phillipou vs Bisping, Le vs Bisping, Rockhold vs Bisping. I'd so much rather see one of those guys take him on.

This fight will be competitive until Munoz goes for a takedown. Once he fails he'll be a fish out of water. Also Bisping won't gas like Boetsch did. If this is a 5 round fight Munoz is going to look like a Phillipino frankenstine with all the jabs and crosses he'll be eating all night.

Bisping needs to fight competitive strikers. The only guys who have beaten him desively in the past are strikers, that's where he's challenged, that's where he's beaten.

A win over Munoz shows nothing except for TDD which we know he has.
If he wants to compete for the belt against Weidman he's shown he can keep the fight on the feet. Someone might argue that Munoz is a threat because of his power but Munoz's power comings from looping his shots and telegraphing punches. This fight is uninteresting and I for one won't go to Manchester if this is the main event

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Post #6   7/13/13 8:25:19AM   

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awwww Shucks. This one should suck more Spitsbings last fight.

Post #7   7/13/13 12:13:36PM   

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Altogether a shitty job by Joe silva. All though I think its a decent match up it definitely make no sense. I think bisping should fight rockhold. There both coming off getting wreck by Victor. Let them go at it. And instead of forcing Anderson to the automatic rematch he doesn't want give him a fight or two to regain his focus. Meanwhile give old Victor a crack against weidman.

Post #8   7/13/13 12:51:38PM   

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This fight is going to be all about the takedown. If Munoz can get the takedowns on Bisping then it may be a long night for the Count but if Munoz cant he is going to get picked apart on the feet.

Post #9   7/13/13 1:47:02PM   

Standup Guy

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Munoz is a little worse than Sonnen in all areas but gnp. Chael really got decisioned by Bisping 29-28 in my book. I'll say Bisping by UD

Post #10   7/13/13 3:59:29PM   

Come at me bro

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Bisping 30-27 all day

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Post #11   7/13/13 9:48:59PM   

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If Bisping beats Munoz (bearing in mind, Bisping is unbeaten in the UK) Then i hope Bisping gets some props from all the haters. Either way, I don't see Bisping fighting for a world title or Munoz for that matter. The winner of this one will end up fighting one or two more in order to fight for the title, not happening IMO.

Post #12   7/14/13 5:58:02PM   
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