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anyone ever move from employee to manager? advice?

anyone ever move from employee to manager? advice?
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So I have been workin at this little bar for over a year now, and a girl I've worked with in various places for over 5 years just got promoted to acting manager. We are basically the veterans of the place.

I've never had to assert myself however, and now all the people that used to be my co-workers, to which I basically just became their boss....well, they aren't taking me seriously. They were all my friends before so they aren't doin shit when I ask, or when I have a concern about their performance, they blow me off.

As I said, I don't have a lot of experience being an asshole, so you guys got any advice?

Post #1   6/11/13 7:28:25AM   

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When I was in my early 20's, I was promoted to assistant manager at an auto parts store, where a few of my friends worked. I am and was pretty easy going, so it was a challenge getting them to do what I wanted when the manager wasn't there. I basically would just let them know the manager would come down on my ass, if shit didn't get done. I'd try to help them out when I could, like mop, stock shelves, etc. Good luck

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What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in the playground is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no props, and may the mods have mercy on your soul.

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To be honest, if they are friends instead of just work associates that you get along with then an informal after hours talk should settle it. If they are the just cool employees then you need to reach down and grab a pair. Just let them know your the boss and if they don't follow direction then they will be replaced (fired).

Post #3   6/11/13 10:32:56AM   

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Can't really relate with the circumstances but as someone who was put into a supervisory role above older and more experienced employees, I found it necessary to assert my position. I started out trying to be friendly and get along with everyone but quickly discovered that wasn't the best approach. It is more important to have their obedience rather than their friendship if you want to be a successful manager/supervisor. Of course it would be ideal to have their friendship and for them to respect your position but life is rarely ideal.

If they dismiss you out of hand or otherwise disrespect your position then you should resort to disciplinary measures. Nobody wants to be a dick but if you can't fulfill the responsibilities then you shouldn't be in a managerial role.

Post #4   6/11/13 10:36:05AM   

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I basically would just let them know the manager would come down on my ass, if shit didn't get done

Kopower speaks truth. That's always a good stand-by.

As management/supervision, you HAVE to delegate and HAVE to be available to handle the management duties. You have to have your guys and gals on the floor while you do the paperwork, balance the books, whatever it may be. Of course, you have to be available to assist, supervise, and train or re-train your employees as much as possible.

Really, your employees should be doing 90% of the work. You are the manager now, which basically just means you are ensuring your employees are doing their job to standard at all times. I know how it feels to want to help the team out and do just as much, if not more work than your employees. But that doesn't help either of you grow. They don't stay sharp if they aren't doing the work, and you aren't going to be able to manage if you are doing their work for them.

In the end, I'm happy for you brotha! It's a lame situation, and one I can identify with. Just have a talk with whoever it may be, off the clock,and let them know where you are coming from. It's a tough transition from employee to management, but you wouldn't have been put in that position and given the opportunity if you weren't capable

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postman Avatar

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I have worked at the same place for 13 years. I have moved up from the bottom and I am now the Assistant Plant Manager. Last month our Manager had to take a leave of absence and I am now the acting Manager.

Now I am only 31 I have worked here since I was 18. These ppl have watched me grow up so I know just what you mean. What you have to remember is if you talk to them like they are your buddies and they still don't take you seriously then are they really your buddies? If you tell them your roll and whats expected of you from your boss then tell them what you expect from them they should understand. If that doesn't work then unfortunately action will have to be taken on them. There is a reason you are their boss and not the other way around. Your boss wanted you to manage them. Its your career not theirs. A friend wouldn't aid in your failure.

Post #6   6/11/13 12:40:17PM   

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danclarke1992 Avatar

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first day go in and stab the biggest dude in there. then they know who runs shit

Post #7   6/11/13 1:19:38PM   

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Posted by danclarke1992

first day go in and stab the biggest dude in there. then they know who runs shit

Dan here knows the rules lol

Remind them what needs to be done if they still continue to not take you serously then pull them in for a one on one talk. Let them know this is your roll know and if they can't perform at their job remind them of the consiqueces(sp) for these types of actions.

There is no need to be an ass hole always show them respect unless not given back. Never forget YOU ARE THE BOSS

If they fail you fail always remember that.

On a side note I would recommened to never be friends with you're employees. It gives them a reson to stick it to ya when they get a chance.

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I have a fair amount experience in being an asshole. What you might up having to do is; start taking applications for new recruits. Line up interviews with the best candidates. Fire your friends that keep fucking around BUT make sure you keep the best one to help train the new hires. And before you fire anyone, make sure you have a few write ups so that you have a paper trail of reason to terminate your lazy friends.

Post #9   6/11/13 4:37:22PM   

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I've been a supervisor and been friends with the other employees and I was always able to remain friends and stay easy going. The main thing is, continue to work. Make sure that they see that you aren't just going to sit on your ass and bark orders. If you do the same jobs around the bar that they do then they're going to respect you and not think of you as a sellout/asshole/whatever. If any of them still think they don't have to listen to you, then it's time to give them a talking to individually. If they're your friends, then they'll understand that you have a job to do and them fucking up reflects poorly on you. If they don't get that, and they don't work for shit, then they get shown the door, but I personally have never had it come to that.

Post #10   6/11/13 6:02:49PM   

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I think everyone pretty well nailed this. Done this plenty of times in the restaurant world.

One thing I'd like to stress about management is that its NOT about being an asshole and making people listen to you. There's an amount of due diligence that has to come from you to know your employees and what motivates them best, as there's a big difference between begrudgingly doing what you're told and doing it with gusto. Some people that are your friends will need the "Come on and do what I ask or the boss will kill me" talk, some won't do anything they don't think you would do, etc.

The only time you should be an asshole is when it's the only option to get someone in gear, and if that's the case, you don't want that person working for you anyways. You're a sergeant now and you have to know your troops!

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If they were your friends before this, then you know what kind of workers they are, what they tried to get away with in the previous regime. You also know who is a slacker and not. The thing that annoys employee's is the new person always has to try and make their mark, most or a good portion in my exp. its a female who always has to try and make their mark. So as Svar already said, only be an asshole when you have exhausted all other avenues.

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I was promoted twice.

Either be cool caring of your workers.
Their needs before yours or

Be a ass and through people under the bus
Blame your workers. Take all credit.

A lot of managers are the ass.

Be cool dude

Post #13   6/13/13 12:51:30PM   
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