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Roy Nelson believes impressive UFC 159 win over Kongo could lead to title shot

Roy Nelson believes impressive UFC 159 win over Kongo could lead to title shot
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Know that classic MMA fighter adage of "Whoever the UFC puts in front of me"? Yeah, well not Roy Nelson. Not Roy Nelson at all. "I say, 'Whoever has the gold!" Nelson told


Rabi 4/25/13

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no it does not

Post #2   4/26/13 12:02:28AM   

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I love Roy Nelson, seriously what fighter wears sweatpants a t-shirt two sizes two big a sweatshirt and a beanie?

Not to mention a Beard on top of things.

I would be afraid to fight someone who doesn't give that many f"""s.

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Post #3   4/26/13 12:56:42AM   

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I don't think so. But I do think Roy will get a top 5 fighter

Post #4   4/26/13 8:09:18AM   

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I really wished Reem would have one his fight. The Bigfoot v Cain rematch makes no sense. Neither does Roy getting a shot. Werdum would make sense but he's in TUF limbo and still needs to get past Nog.

Fucking R33M

Post #5   4/26/13 11:27:04AM   

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he's still a little off the charts but the thing is that HW and LHW only have around 30 guys so you don't have to do that much to get in line. He's not that far off base actually.

Cain Bigfoot 2 is already an absurd title fight, Roy getting a shot would not be any more crazy than that.

Cormier probably won't take a fight against Cain; the only other choice after that would be the winner of JDS - Hunt. Roy Kongo winner probably fights winner of Nog - Werdum and the winner of that fights for the title next winter.

There's not a lot of exciting HW fights on the horizon, I can see a lot of lackluster title fights happening in the next 2 years.

Post #6   4/26/13 4:29:10PM   
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