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Diaz says St. Pierre is on 'plenty of steroids', UFC won't do anything

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Diaz says St. Pierre is on 'plenty of steroids', UFC won't do anything
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Since when Is Vaseline an Anabolic Steroid?

Andy was covered with grease in the second fight with the almighty Chael and nothing happened....fanboys are still distraught that to this day, Grease-SP destroyed teh legend that is Beej...twice.

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Didn't BJ and GSP only fight twice?

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Posted by Bustamante-Aoki

Diaz is on a warpath.

Zuffa and their buddies on the athletic commissions have been screwing with Diaz for some time now. GSP is like Captain Zuffa, the company man.

So GSP is guilty by association, Nick is the good guy, and GSP is the one in bed with the devil.

GSP got caught greasing and was slapped on the wrist. Diaz smoked weed and was banned for a year (twice) and Kizer talked a lot of straight up bullshit about NIck. How was the Thiago Silva steroid scandal swept under the rug and kept secret for months, nobody besides Zuffa could get an AC to protect them like this. They are clearly in bed together.

Nicks goal is probably to beat Georges and then piss hot just to mess with the UFC. He straight up said (at the press conference) that he smoked more this time then he did against Condit and he quit smoking closer to the fight than usual. If he passes the test then you know Zuffa wasn`t testing. GSP has had 3 Canadian fights in a row, soon to be 4. So it may have been years since GSP has been tested.

Diaz will probably come out high like he did against Gomi and it will be swept under the rug. He just wants to demonize Zuffa like they did to him. This is about much more than just a fight to Diaz.

Diaz was laughing at the press conference when it came up. I don`t think he`s being tested. And why is Nick getting tested for `metabolites`when Georges is getting home town advantage and no-testing for years? Cause UFC is a business first, and a sport second. Diaz is fighting the sepcial treatment. Good for him

warning. chill the hell out, and stop making outlandish accusations you have no proof of. You also might like to know that the UFC test at every fight regardless of location. Your guy lost. Badly. You and Diaz both need to learn to lose with some class, stop blaming everyone else, and accept responsibility for your actions.

This thread has caused too much crap. It;s done.

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