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This game is open to all players, this is the game which won best side game on the MMAPG last year. If you would like to join in then please read the rules, this game is very indepth but once the game gets going its very easy to follow. If you have any questions then please post them on here and either I will answer them or people that have played previously can answer them. This is an MMA strategy game, the idea of the game is to earn the most money across 15 cards, its like the Monopoly of MMA side games.

Here Goes:

1. How each round works.

Starting balance for each player is $2 million. For each card you put on there must be a minimum of 5 fights ( that will be your main card), but you can have up to 10 fights ( anything above 5 is a prelim).

I will use rankings from Fight Matrix, we will use the top 100 from HW down to FLW, I will also use the top 80 from the Woman's rankings, there will be one womans division (openweight). I will introduce 20 fighters at a time from each division, starting with the lower rankings, in the final round the top fighters will be introduced. As there are only 80 woman they won't join until rd 2.

With your $2 mill you will need to sign a minimum of 10 fighters and be able to pay there wages for the first card. If a fighter doesn't fight he doesn't get paid.

For the first round of bidding every one will send me an email where they will bid for up to 10 fighters, no one else will know who you bid for. The bids must be in multiples of $1000 ( to keep it simple) and the minimum bid is $1000. If you bid for a fighter that you think no one else will bid for you could get him for $1000, but if he is a popular fighter then you will need to estimate how much you think you will need to bid, who ever bids the most will get him, if its a draw no one gets him and once again is back on the market and everyone can bid for them. After the opening rd of bids and once we have seen who has got who, we will then do another rd of bids where each player can bid for up to 9 players depending on what you need for your card, we will then do 8, then 7 all the way down till everyone has finished or down to 1. When you bid there is no limit to having fighters from certain weight classes.

Fighters wages will stay the same through out the game.

A players wage depends on his ranking, rank 100 will be paid 10k, every rank above will be paid 10k, for eg 100 = 10k, rank 1 = 1 mill.

We will then post our card, I will then copy and paste all the cards that were posted in the order they were posted into my own word document, we will then action one card at a time (not all of them together) in the order they were posted, before I post the first card I will make sure they are within your budget, I will then post 1 card, everyone will post there results for that 1 card except for the creator of the card ( you will not be voting on your own card), the way you will post the results for each fight will be: you pick the winner, the rd they will win in, whether its sub, technical sub, ko or tko and then the technique they used to win. If you think the fight will go the distance just pick what kind of decision they win (UD, SD, MD). To clarify with sub and technical sub, sub means they tapped, technical sub means they went to sleep or a bone was broken. ko and tko, ko means they were unconscious, tko means they were not intelligently defending themselves, this is slightly different from how I ran it before but I think this will be better (it will make voting for the bonuses more fun, and make the game more in-depth). When you pick the templates, don't pick what you want to happen pick what you think will happen, it makes the game fairer.

Once everyone has picked for that card I will then update the fight card results and PM them to the card creator (not on the forum), he will then nominate 1, 2 or 3 bonuses (KO, sub and Fight OTN) and send them back to me, also if there is any draws on the votes, either on the winner of a fight, or the rd, or method or technique the card creator will have the final say on that particular section. Once that's done we will then do the next card, as its one card at a time I don't think it will be so overwhelming to make your picks and for me to update the results, we will continue this process and once I have all the fight card results and bonuses I will post all the completed card with results and bonus nominations on one post. We will then vote for the bonuses and rank the cards, I will then post the results on the bonus votes the rankings vote and then the money earnt from the votes.

After that is done I will do a financial sheet and then an updated balance so we can see how much money we all have.

For round 1 the threshold will be 1 mill, round 2, 2 mill etc, the rest of the monies will be posted before each round and will work off the threshold.

2. Rules of your fight card

You must have a minimum of 5 fights, which will be your main card, you can have a maximum of 10, any fight above 5 will be a prelim.

A Champion defending his belt will be paid double wages, some one can only challenge for a belt if they are on a 1 fight wining streak in you promotion, eg they cant fight for a belt on there promotion debut or coming off a loss. When you set up a championship match you must put (C) next to the defending champ so I know to pay him his double wages, if the belt is a vacant belt please list the belt as vacant so I know not to charge anyone double wages. If this isnt done correctly it causes me more work.

All fighters can only fight in the weight class that they are ranked in on the game rankings. Also, new for this season every fighter can also move up (not down) 1 weight class as well. So, HW fighters can only fight in HW bouts. LHW fighters can fight both HW and LHW, MW fighters can fight in both MW and LHW etc. Woman can only fight in the Womans division, there will be no male v female matches.

A champion can not fight in a non title fight in his own weight class, but he if goes up a weight class then he can fight in a non title fight or for a title in the higher weight class as long as he is on a 1 fight win steak. If a champion goes up a weight class and he is not a champion in the higher weight class he doesnt get double wages.

After Rd 1 we will all put on 1 card, after rd 2 we will put on 2 cards, right up to rd 5, 5 cards, a total of 15 cards.

3. Champions Tournament

After Rds 2 to 5 we will do a Champions Grand Prix, (there is no champs after rd1 which is why I didn't include it) we will do every weight class. Each Tourney will be seeded and we will use the rankings that we use for the game, if you don't have a champion in a weight class then you can't enter that GP. We will vote for the fights the same way, but you wont be able to vote on a fight which includes your fighter (similar to the Ultimate Tournaments side game). We will do 1 GP at a time starting with Woman and working up to HW. There will be lots of money on offer in each GP.

This is how the money will work. Every fighter who enters the GP will earn 20% of the threshold. Every time you fighter fights you pay his wages. Every time you fighter advances a round (whether he fought or not) they will earn 20% of the threshold (not in the final as they will earn the overall prize). The GP winner will earn 100% of the threshold. After the GP we will all vote on the KOTB, SOTB and FOTB (can't vote for your own fighter). For each vote received your fighter wins 10% percent of the threshold. The winner of each bonus wins 100% of the threshold.

We will then start the process again for the next GP.

4. Revamped rules around money

The new starting balance will be 2 mill and the big change will be you will no longer be allowed to go overdrawn (the only time you will be overdrawn is if a fine takes you overdrawn), that's when you bid and also when you put your card together (which is why I want to start with 2mill instead of 1mill). This is what will happen if you go over drawn:

Bidding, if your winning bids come to more money then you have in the bank then all your bids for that round of bidding will be cancelled, (so to confirm you can bid more then you have, but you can't win more then you have, in other words its best to bid within your limits) and the fighter will go to the next highest bidder, (you wont lose fighters who you have previously bid for, just the ones who you bid for in that 1 email, whether it be the round of 14 bids or 5 bids, but you wont receive a fine.

When you put your card together you must be able to pay all the fighters wages, I will check everyone's card before we pick winners and if you have over spent I will remove the lowest placed fight on the card, for every fight I have to remove you will be fined, also if you don't have a minimum of 5 fights then you will also be fined. For e.g., if I put on 6 fights and over spend by $200K, then 1 fight will be removed and I will be fined, if I am still over spent then another fight will be removed and I will be fined again, as that then drops me to 4 fights I will be fined a third time for not having 5 fights. Each fine will be the threshold, for eg rd1 = 1mill, rd2 = 2 mill right up to rd 5 = 5 mill.



Top vote earns you 100 % of the threshold, I will work out the rest depending on the amount of players we have.


When you nominate your own bonuses you earn money, 3 bonues 100% of threshold, 2 bonuses 50%, 1 bonus 25%. For every vote you get (you cant vote on your own bonuses) you win 10% of the threshold. Who ever gets the most votes in each section will win 100% of the threshold or a share of it if the vote is a draw.

5. Trades

You can trade fighters for either cash or other fighters. I would like to do this on the thread where we up date our rosters. So this thread will be Rosters and Trades. You can trade fighters for cash or other fighters, you can either discuss trades privately via PM or publicly on this thread (not the main game thread) but once a deal is complete both players have to post the deal on the thread for the deal to be complete, once its completed I will change the monies (if necessary) and then its up to you to update your rosters.

6. When you vote on cards and bonuses, please don't vote tactically. It makes the game better if we actually vote on how good the cards are.

7. And finally, for this game to keep moving I need players that generally log on at least once every 48 hrs. When you are due to do something on the game I will send you a PM, if 48 hrs pass and you still havent caught up then I will send you another reminder. If it goes a week and you still havent caught up then Ill have to remove you from the game. The only exception to this is if somebody is going away, but if that is the case please either PM me or post on the thread that you will be away and when you will be back and we will stop the game and then restart it when you come back.

The overall winner will be the player with the most money at the end of the game.


1. Rabi
2. jjeans
3. trevail
4. danclarke
5. oForrestGriffino
6. P_F
7. Budge
8. hashyandy
9. Bubbles
10. Jae_1833
11. Jakewalters


61. Lew Polley 400k
62. Darrill Schoonover 390k
63. Jake O'Brien 380k
64. Neil Grove 370k
65. Goran Reljic 360k
66. Matt Thompson 350k
67. Devin Cole 340k
68. Mike Wessel 330k
69. Smealinho Rama 320k
70. Daniel Omielanczuk 310k
71. Rolles Gracie 300k
72. Neil Wain 290k
73. Geronimo dos Santos 280k
74. Philip de Fries 270k
75. Brett Murphy 260k
76. Ruslan Magomedov 250k
77. Alexei Kudin 240k
78. Jim Yorke 230k
79. Scott Barrett 220k
80. Pedro Rizzo 210k
81. Ednaldo Oliveira 200k
82. Derrick Lewis 190k
83. Bobby Lashley 180k
84. Stav Economou 170k
85. Abe Wagner 160k
86. Magomed Abdurahimov 150k
87. Carmelo Marrero 140k
88. Karol Bedorf 130k
89. Chaban Ka 120k
90. Anthony Gomez 110k
91. Vinicius Kappke de Queiroz 100k
92. Mark Holata 90k
93. Ante Delija 80k
94. Brian Ryan 70k
95. Tommy Sauer 60k
96. Andreas Kraniotakes 50k
97. Tim Hague 40k
98. Ajlin Ahmic 30k
99. Shane del Rosario 20k
100. Emil Zahariev 10k


61. Ildemar Alcantara 400k
62. Viktor Nemkov 390k
63. David Heath 380k
64. Joey Beltran 370k
65. Houston Alexander 360k
66. John Hawk 350k
67. Ben Reiter 340k
68. Robert McDaniel 330k
69. Anthony Ruiz 320k
70. Brandon Ropati 310k
71. Linton Vassell 300k
72. Nick Rossborough 290k
73. Marcus Vanttinen 280k
74. Tim Carpenter 270k
75. Roy Broughton 260k
76. Cody Donovan 250k
77. Marcio Cruz 240k
78. Kyle Kingsbury 230k
79. Marvin Eastman 220k
80. Jeremy Horn 210k
81. Krzysztof Soszynski 200k
82. Josh Stansbury 190k
83. Stephen Waalkes 180k
84. Jared Torgeson 170k
85. Artur Astakhov 160k
86. Maxim Grishin 150k
87. Sean O'Connell 140k
88. Robert Drysdale 130k
89. Matti Makela 120k
90. Jason Lambert 110k
91. Jake Rosholt 100k
92. Matt Lucas 90k
93. Fabio Maldonado 80k
94. Antony Rea 70k
95. Dan Spohn 60k
96. Seth Petruzelli 50k
97. Yoshiyuki Nakanishi 40k
98. Jae Young Kim 30k
99. Dwayne Lewis 20k
100. James McSweeney 10k


61. Antonio Braga Neto 400k
62. Reggie Pena 390k
63. Joe Doerksen 380k
64. Nate James 370k
65. Daniel Acacio 360k
66. Roan Carneiro 350k
67. Sean Strickland 340k
68. Mario Miranda 330k
69. Sam Alvey 320k
70. Court McGee 310k
71. Andreas Spang 300k
72. Brian Rogers 290k
73. Rafael Natal 280k
74. Bristol Marunde 270k
75. David Loiseau 260k
76. Kazuhiro Nakamura 250k
77. Buddy Roberts 240k
78. Falaniko Vitale 230k
79. Jason South 220k
80. John Salter 210k
81. Claudio Henrique Da Silva 200k
82. Kelvin Tiller 190k
83. Alessio Sakara 180k
84. Justin Guthrie 170k
85. Michael Kuiper 160k
86. Lyle Beerbohm 150k
87. Mats Nilsson 140k
88. Norman Paraisy 130k
89. John Phillips 120k
90. Denis Kang 110k
91. Andrei Semonov 100k
92. Asif Tagiev 90k
93. Josh Bryant 80k
94. Herbert Goodman 70k
95. Eric Schambari 60k
96. Dustin Jacoby 50k
97. Daniel Tabera 40k
98. Joe Riggs 30k
99. Ryuta Sakurai 20k
100. Mikkel Parlo 10k


61. Tommy Depret 400k
62. Che Mills 390k
63. Jim Wallhead 380k
64. Gunnar Nelson 370k
65. Marius Zaromskis 360k
66. Matt Riddle 350k
67. Josh Neer 340k
68. Fabricio Monteiro 330k
69. Chris Lozano 320k
70. Yasubey Enomoto 310k
71. Hernani Perpetuo 300k
72. Chris Clements 290k
73. David Hulett 280k
74. Brandon Thatch 270k
75. Amir Sadollah 260k
76. John Maguire 250k
77. Marcelo Alfaya 240k
78. Raul Amaya 230k
79. Joey Villasenor 220k
80. Mike Swick 210k
81. Kenny Robertson 200k
82. Myung Ho Bae 190k
83. Keita Nakamura 180k
84. Forrest Petz 170k
85. Carlos Alexandre Pereira 160k
86. Jorge Lopez 150k
87. Marcus Davis 140k
88. Jesse Juarez 130k
89. Pete Spratt 120k
90. Takenori Sato 110k
91. Nathan Coy 100k
92. Rosen Dimitrov 90k
93. Jake Bostwick 80k
94. Gil de Freitas 70k
95. George Sullivan 60k
96. Jung Hwan Cha 50k
97. Luis Santos 40k
98. Nicholas Musoke 30k
99. Morten Djursaa 20k
100. Paul Bradley 10k


61. Kuniyoshi Hironaka 400k
62. Tony Ferguson 390k
63. Luis Palomino 380k
64. Abel Trujillo 370k
65. Lloyd Woodard 360k
66. Patricky Freire 350k
67. Jeremy Stephens 340k
68. Sam Stout 330k
69. Caros Fodor 320k
70. John Alessio 310k
71. Carlo Prater 300k
72. Jonatas Novaes 290k
73. Edson Barboza 280k
74. James Krause 270k
75. Daron Cruickshank 260k
76. Mukai Maromo 250k
77. Conor McGregor 240k
78. Charlie Brenneman 230k
79. Justin Wilcox 220k
80. Darrell Horcher 210k
81. Satoru Kitaoka 200k
82. Mike Campbell 190k
83. Gesias Cavalcante 180k
84. Justin Salas 170k
85. Anton Kuivanen 160k
86. Marcin Held 150k
87. David Castillo 140k
88. Takasuke Kume 130k
89. Kotetsu Boku 120k
90. Katsunori Kikuno 110k
91. Estevan Payan 100k
92. Anthony Njokuani 90k
93. Curt Warburton 80k
94. Nicolas Dalby 70k
95. Fabricio Camoes 60k
96. Joe Ellenberger 50k
97. Rob Sinclair 40k
98. Artiom Damkovsky 30k
99. Andre Winner 20k
100. Gleristone Santos 10k


61. Koji Oishi 400k
62. Robert Emerson 390k
63. Sergej Grecicho 380k
64. Max Holloway 370k
65. Rony Mariano Bezerra 360k
66. Ramiro Hernandez 350k
67. Luis Alberta Nogueira 340k
68. Diego Brandao 330k
69. Jim Hettes 320k
70. Ryan Roberts 310k
71. Joe Taimanglo 300k
72. Chas Skelly 290k
73. Felipe Arantes 280k
74. Godofredo Castro 270k
75. Jim Alers 260k
76. Milton Viera 250k
77. Matt Grice 240k
78. Shintaro Ishiwatari 230k
79. Genair da Silva 220k
80. Daniel Pineda 210k
81. Jonathan Brookins 200k
82. John Teixeira da Conceicao 190k
83. Brandon Bender 180k
84. Scott Heckman 170k
85. Dennis Bermudez 160k
86. Yuji Hoshino 150k
87. Yunus Evloev 140k
88. Jeremy Spoon 130k
89. Donald Sanchez 120k
90. Edimilson dos Santos Souza 110k
91. Takumi Nakayama 100k
92. Diego Arturo Huerto Jauregui 90k
93. Robert Whiteford 80k
94. John Fraser 70k
95. Rodrigo Damm 60k
96. Graham Spencer 50k
97. Jeff Smith 40k
98. Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva 30k
99. Niklas Backstrom 20k
100. Anthony Avila 10k


61. Masakatsu Ueda 400k
62. Iliarde Santos 390k
63. Ed West 380k
64. Takeshi Inoue 370k
65. Bryan Goldsby 360k
66. Aljamain Sterling 350k
67. Richie Vaculik 340k
68. Toshiaki Kitada 330k
69. James Brum 320k
70. Hiromasa Ogikubo 310k
71. Russell Doane 300k
72. Pablo Alfonso 290k
73. Jesse Brock 280k
74. Patrick Holohan 270k
75. Jeff Hougland 260k
76. Brandon Hempleman 250k
77. Cody Gibson 240k
78. Sirwan Kakai 230k
79. Chico Camus 220k
80. Tatsumitsu Wada 210k
81. Daiki Hata 200k
82. Jason Sampson 190k
83. Michael Mortimer 180k
84. Stephane Pelletier 170k
85. Edwin Figueroa 160k
86. Taiyo Nakahara 150k
87. Joel Roberts 140k
88. Billy Daniels 130k
89. David Haggstrom 120k
90. Masato Sannai 110k
91. Ken Stone 100k
92. Leandro Higo 90k
93. Taichi Nakajima 80k
94. Anthony Birchak 70k
95. Shane Howell 60k
96. Rob Menigoz 50k
97. Joe Murphy 40k
98. Tito Jones 30k
99. Crisanto Pitpitunge 20k
100. Yuki Baba 10k


61. Masaaki Sugawara 400k
62. Daichi Kitakata 390k
63. Tuan Pham 380k
64. Czar Sklavos 370k
65. Seiji Ozuka 360k
66. Yasutaka Koga 350k
67. Eric Luke 340k
68. Cody Fuller 330k
69. Steve Swanson 320k
70. Hikaru Hasumi 310k
71. Bronson Casarez 300k
72. Jean Carlos Pereira dos Santos Souza 290k
73. Jeimeson Saudino 280k
74. Yuki Yasunaga 270k
75. Hector Sandove 260k
76. Federico Lopez 250k
77. Yosuke Saruta 240k
78. Takeshi Kasugai 230k
79. Sotaro Kojima 220k
80. Ryo Hatta 210k
81. Matheus Nicolau Pereora 200k
82. Mike Guidry 190k
83. Neil Seery 180k
84. Shabe Kafo 170k
85. Jimmy Flick 160k
86. Josh Marcado 150k
87. Satoshi Shinbori 140k
88. Fumihiro Kitahara 130k
89. Yuichiro Yajima 120k
90. Yerzhan Estanov 110k
91. Wade Choate 100k
92. Nick Cottone 90k
93. Lincoln de Sa 80k
94. Akira Kibe 70k
95. Rey Docyogen 60k
96. Hidenobu Izena 50k
97. Wagner Cristiano Noronha 40k
98. Ricky Calatayud 30k
99. Christian Rodriguez 20k
100. Jimmy Fowler 10k


61. Shana Nelson 400k
62. Alex Chambers 390k
63. Julie Kedzie 380k
64. Marianna Khetfets 370k
65. Karolina Kowalkiewicz 360k
66. Mika Nagano 350k
67. Ayame Miura 340k
68. Stephanie Eggink 330k
69. Mizuku Inoue 320k
70. Ashley Sanchez 310k
71. Tomomi Sunaba 300k
72. Sadae Numata 290k
73. Misaki Takimoto 280k
74. Diana Rael 270k
75. Hiroko Yamanaka 260k
76. Amanda Lucas 250k
77. Fiona Muxlow 240k
78. Randi Miller 230k
79. Fabiana Pereira Santos 220k
80. Veronica Rothenhausler 210k

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GSP > everyone else

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i'll give er a go

Post #2   2/10/13 9:53:17AM   


Emma Watson Picture Incoming

jjeans Avatar

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I would like to join in however I might slow the game down due to other commitments. So if we have 6 or more participants sign me up, if not I might step down as I don't want to be the sole reason the game is slowed down.

But I do defo wanna play!

Is Joanne Calderwood in the women's division?

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MMA Sensei

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I'll take a shot at it....

Post #4   2/10/13 11:10:54AM   


Standup Guy

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I'm in

Post #5   2/10/13 11:49:37AM   


Heavyweight Champ

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I think so, check Fight Matrix

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Slight Reach Advantage

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My recommendation to the new guys would be to look up the thread to the last couple of projects & see how the bidding went each round before we start this one.

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We The North Time

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Posted by Poor_Franklin


My recommendation to the new guys would be to look up the thread to the last couple of projects & see how the bidding went each round before we start this one.

Agreed. It's better to know as much as possible before you start your bets or you'll be off to a rough start in the beginning.

I'm in as always


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MMA Sensei

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Posted by Budgellism

Posted by Poor_Franklin


My recommendation to the new guys would be to look up the thread to the last couple of projects & see how the bidding went each round before we start this one.

Agreed. It's better to know as much as possible before you start your bets or you'll be off to a rough start in the beginning.

I'm in as always

Yeah I went back and checked out a prior round before I said yes. And to be honest....Im f'n stoked to get this started seems like a sweet game

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Heavyweight Champ

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Nice to hear you say that, its great fun, I think all the new players will love it.

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Heavyweight Champ

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the defending champ (hashyandy) is back in

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Super MW King S.O.G.

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Im In

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Heavyweight Champ

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We now reach 10, this game is going to be epic.

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Come at me bro

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MMA Sensei

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Posted by Rabi

We now reach 10, this game is going to be epic.

How many players are you aiming for?

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