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Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls For Nate Diaz Next

Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls For Nate Diaz Next
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Rising lightweight star Khabib Nurmagomedov, fresh off his win at UFC on Fuel 7, says he wants Nate Diaz next inside the Octagon.


Post #1   1/20/13 11:19:57AM   

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airkerma Avatar

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Might be too big of a step up. I see Nate subbing him out in the first

Post #2   1/20/13 11:28:47AM   

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Posted by airkerma

Might be too big of a step up. I see Nate subbing him out in the first

I think Nate is too good at this point as well, but I think he's capable of winning against anybody, I think he's capable of being a champion one day, but he's still just a Fedor clone and not ready for the real elite at this point.

Post #3   1/20/13 12:22:38PM   

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Khabib is a tough dude but, he isnt ready for that big of a jump in competition yet. I say Varner or Melvin for his next opponent

Post #4   1/20/13 12:34:16PM   

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Stylistically, he matches up well with Nate. I think Nate would struggle against his aggressive takedowns. The only real question mark for me is that we haven't really seen how solid his top game is against someone who's dangerous off their back like Nate is.

I think in terms of where he's ranked, it would make more sense to fight the winner of Wiman vs TJ Grant...or maybe even Rafael Dos Anjos.

Post #5   1/20/13 12:36:16PM   

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Posted by sparky

I say Varner or Melvin for his next opponent

i was thinking varner too, they're style is similar and it would be a fun one to watch.

Post #6   1/20/13 12:53:18PM   

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Posted by voodoo-jitsu

Posted by sparky

I say Varner or Melvin for his next opponent

i was thinking varner too, they're style is similar and it would be a fun one to watch.

Post #7   1/20/13 1:48:09PM   

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I guess Khabib thinks he can keep it standing and beat Nate on the feet.

It would be a big win for him, and it wouldn't be a bad first loss if it didn't work out for him either.

I'd gladly watch it, and I think Khabib could pull it off.

Post #8   1/20/13 1:59:19PM   

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Khabib ftw. He's going to the top

Post #9   1/20/13 2:52:35PM   

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Khabib would get outclassed on the feet.

On the ground he might be able to ride out a UD, but I think he would get subbed.

Post #10   1/20/13 4:17:32PM   

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tcunningham Avatar
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he's a long ways from fight diaz IMO.

Post #11   1/20/13 6:41:09PM   

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Posted by tcunningham

he's a long ways from fight diaz IMO.

but it shows he wants to fight the best. I think he should fight a Dos Anjos or Varner ranked fighter next but this would be a fun fight to watch and a great litmus test

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Post #12   1/20/13 6:46:11PM   

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screw it give the man what he wants i think he wins that fight easy.

Post #13   1/20/13 7:02:52PM   

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I say many of you are underestimating him. I think he is a monster with a lot more skill and ferocity than some of you are giving him credit for. Personally I think he just might whoop Nate's ass but I also feel that he needs a couple more fights under his belt to work his way up the ladder. Keep your eye on this guy.

Post #14   1/20/13 9:41:41PM   


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Might be a step down for Nate actually.

Khabib had a nice fight against Tavares but Nate is another level of fighter than Tavares

Give him time to advance and we'll see where hes at in a year

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