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So your at your MMA club, kickboxing club, wrestling class wherever. What has been your favourite moments?

3rd Favourite:
When I was doing MMA some hot chick started coming to classes (turned out she had some experience as a model I found out later) she was a semi-pro kickboxer and we were sparring together it was fairly equal, with my long reach it makes for anyone small to get inside, but she caught a high kick and swept the back leg planting me straight on my arse, I was thinking fuck, I've been dropped by a girl, she rushed straight into my guard and within moments I had tossed my legs up, crotch in the face, slapped on a triangle choke, she wasn't to keen to tap but she did eventually haha

2nd Favourite:
Teaching the kids class at my kickboxing class on my own for a couple of weeks was just awesome felt really in charge and like kids were looking up to me. Most importantly! No injuries

Me and My now semi-pro kickboxing partner (4-0) going for broke swinging for the fences in an i-quit match for 8 minutes nonestop. He came in the next week with a black eye, I missed school the next day with concussion but man neither of us were gonna back down.

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i was sparring kickboxing with a training partner and 2 other fighters were sparring next to us. we were supposed to going at 50% as kind of a warm up, and suddenly i look over at the other pair just in time to see one of then get switch-kicked in the jaw and get "Jesus on the cross" style KO'd. hellbound got pretty pissed at both of them but it was still damn funny later.

another time i was doing Gi BJJ and somebody was showing a Gi choke on this female blue belt. she didnt think the choke was as tight as it was and went to sleep. when she woke up she started talking about being at a BBQ and for a few minuets she was arguing that she was really at a BBQ.

these are just a few hilarious moments at my gym, sometimes i swear it becomes like a damn comedy club there


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When I got in trouble the Marines stripped me of my martial arts belt and took my rank. Later on we had a troops vs NCO's grappling match and this one butt hole I used to be in charge of wanted to square off with me. He was an instructor but had no training other than our system......needless to say instead of quickly and easily winning the match I stayed in the mount and beat on him for over two minutes! Funny and fun for me, embarrising and painful for him.....reminded him of who Daddy was still.

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I was boxing this guy outside of my apartment a year or two back. He was a good 6 inches taller than me but thinner, and most importantly, younger.

Earlier in the day he had boxed someone in a "50%" match that he went 100% in leading to complaints from the other guy and a dickish retort from the dude after he slammed him hard with a right straight over the top. I had a 50% spar with the other guy right before this, so he was a bit tired. But also, the difference in how our fights turned out incited the guy to challenge me afterwards.

So off the bat i don't like the guy. Never will he be invited back. The fight starts and i move better than him. After a couple of feints it's easy to pick up on his intent of throwing a Jab, Straight combo. So i circle to my right(he was in an orthodox stance) and when the jabs came i would slip right and move, throwing in the occasional pop shot at about 50 to keep him honest. He didn't have the muscle developed through repetition to throw a good left hook, so when he did it was easy to just put up the right comb and Jab him.

A couple minutes in and the guy is visibly frustrated. He wants to impress his friends and im going out of my way to make this boring and shameful for everyone involved. And thats when i see the charge, before the charge. Like a switch behind the guys eyes. He's about to commit and i know it.

I circle to my right, and he steps forward and throws a jab. I slip in towards my left. He pumps out a second jab, i slip to his shoulder towards my right. He cocks back the Right hand and as the straight pistons out i dip under to my left and throw a Chuck Liddell overhand right that catches him flush from a blind angle as he leaned into it with his left hand down.

The guy drops backwards and slams his head on the concrete so loud my roommate runs inside to get him a pillow. I celebrate my achievement by proudly stating such things as "Holy shit it worked" and "Check on your friend". And that's pretty much the whole story. Not often have i boxed someone who clearly was outmatched from the get go. And other than this, never have i intended to hurt them. But this guy was a dick, and ill proudly drop a piece of shit if he's my guest.

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