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UFC on FUEL 7 heading to London's Wembley Arena

UFC on FUEL 7 heading to London's Wembley Arena
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The UFC will finally return to London after a two-and-a-half year drought, booking a show that will take place on February 16 at Wembley Arena.

MMA Fighting confirmed the event, which will be UFC on FUEL 7, with sources close to the promotion. It was first reported by the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper, though the report was eventually taken down from their website.

The UFC has not visited London since October 2010, LINK

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Post #1   11/27/12 1:15:57PM   

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Week after my birthday. This could be my present

Post #2   11/27/12 2:38:57PM   

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they aren't going to boldly assume Bisping will beat Belfort and book that title fight in July/August? Weak sauce

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UFC events in the UK are always awesome. Hopefully they stack the card for all my fellow UK buddies.

Post #4   11/27/12 6:00:30PM   

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My guess is a struve vs kongo main event
Co main Dan hardy vs Jake shields

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