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Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia added to February's UFC 156 event

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Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia added to February's UFC 156 event
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Come at me bro

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Post #16   11/16/12 8:43:21AM   

In Full Mount

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Great fight. Could go either way.

Maia is definitely good enough to get the sub and Fitch is definitely good enough to smother him for the whole fight whilst avoiding the sub.

If I had to put money on it though I'd go for Fitch.

Post #17   11/16/12 8:50:33AM   

Buy the ticket, take the ride

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Posted by aussiemma

Posted by SmileR

Fitch via domination!! I'll throw my Av on the line I'm so confident!!

no way !!! ill take that bet

You are on, sir. Just send me the bet when the fights been added!

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Post #18   11/16/12 10:23:44AM   

MMA Sensei

fullerene Avatar

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Great fight. The real test is for Maia IMO. Is he strong enough at 170 to get takedowns against good wrestlers? Can he sub wrestlers with good jiu-jitsu training (i.e. not Chael Sonnen) off of his back? If not, is his "improved kickboxing" really improved enough to beat the more well-rounded wrestlers who he can't take down or submit?

I think Fitch is really the sword of truth for any hyped WW, whether it is a guy with supposedly great striking (like Alves and E. Silva) or great submissions (like Penn, Sanchez or T. Silva), Fitch will find out just how real those skills are. He puts everybody in the spot they don't want to be in and he tends to suffocate all but the best, whether it's standing or, more often, on top of them on the ground. Then again, there is an upside to fighting him....if Maia wins he instantly becomes a credible threat for a title.

Post #19   11/16/12 1:19:19PM   

MMA Regular

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Post #20   11/16/12 1:31:03PM   

Heavyweight Champ

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Posted by Bubbles

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Post #21   11/16/12 4:05:04PM   

KE Released in MAtter

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Posted by Bubbles

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Post #22   11/16/12 5:18:42PM   

MMA Sensei

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K-1 Maia.

Post #23   11/16/12 5:42:21PM   

MMA Sensei

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Somebody will get submitted that night, but it won't be in this fight. Is Maia good off his back? I don't think so, not many bb's are. Fitch could win by a brutal display of leg humping also known as "Fartcz-ing"

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Post #24   11/17/12 11:27:20AM   
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