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Vitor eased up on the Armbar?

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Vitor eased up on the Armbar?
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Posted by kingsmasher

Yeah Vitor had a lot of excuses post fight...Not enough camp and he was injured during camp were other excuses....

IMO i think Jones was giving Vitor respect saying his arm was hurt....Would love the see some MRIs....I dont think he was hurt at all or in trouble....But the way Joe Rogan was screaming you woulda definitely thought it was the end....

With the way Jones is portrayed and the haters out there I think if anything Jones wants to be liked...So would he say, I was never in any danger? of course not caus ethen people would say how arrogant he is...

my arm was fucked up from an armlock like that for like 6 months. even if you dont get something broke or torn really bad, everything gets stretched out the wrong way and it takes a while to heal especially if you continue to train. i think jones's arm is probably messed up to some extent.

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