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'The Ultimate Fighter: India' official for 2013 debut

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'The Ultimate Fighter: India' official for 2013 debut
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Eh, my girlfriend is from India, and her parents still live there. I wonder if they'll let me try out even if I'm white?

Post #16   9/12/12 6:52:27PM   

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I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

Thailand is an even poorer country than India. Admittedly, they probably have a much stronger fight culture (Muay Thai is the national sport). But the point remains that very poor members of society compete in Muay Thai and are often able to dramatically improve their lives because of it.

It's also true that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

I think that, in time, we will see a lot of good Indian fighters. Only time will tell though.

Post #17   9/12/12 7:47:51PM   

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Thailand is a fight culture though, while India isn't and never was. Poor kids can go to a muay thai camp and learn that craft in exchange for work and as a cash cow for the gyms. India has no such set-up, and fight sports are reserved for upper class. Wrestling was a big deal culturally for a long time, but that fell from the wayside. Fast growing economy, yes, but that doesn't translate to fast growing fight industry.

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Post #18   9/12/12 8:38:20PM   
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