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Hendo Denies Informing Chael Sonnen of Injury, Hopes for Year-End Return

Hendo Denies Informing Chael Sonnen of Injury, Hopes for Year-End Return
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Aug 27, 2012 - The cancellation of UFC 151 spawned a series of sub-plots, including the offer of Chael Sonnen to save the show by stepping in to fight Jon Jones in the main event, a gesture that had Sonnen come off as a hero. In the days that have passed since the announcement the show would be scrapped, Jones' side has lobbed allegations that Sonnen was in the know about Dan Henderson's injury, and was secretly training in preparation of replacing Henderson in the fight.

On a Monday interview on The MMA Hour, Dan Henderson denied those claims.

"Chael didn’t know anything about it," he said. "He had definitely not been training at all. My guys told me that Greg Jackson said in an interview that Chael was down training with me and getting ready for the fight and knew I was hurt. It was nothing like that at all.. He wasn’t even down here. I asked him if he wanted to come down and help me train a couple months ago, but he didn’t come down."

Post #1   8/27/12 6:03:22PM   

Steady MODdin'

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Hendo's always been a straight shooter, so I guess there goes the Pearl Harbor theory. What's your gameplan now Jackson and Winklejohn?

Post #2   8/27/12 6:47:01PM   

Randy is King

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Hendo/Machida year end show to determine who faces Jones after Belfort. It just makes sense to me and would be a great fight.

Post #3   8/27/12 7:19:17PM   

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Posted by Budgellism

Hendo/Machida year end show to determine who faces Jones after Belfort. It just makes sense to me and would be a great fight.

I like that idea. I also wouldn't mind seeing Hendo fight Shogun again or Rashad Evans. But the whole thought about Hendo vs. Rashad Evans would be tossed out of the window when/if Rashad makes the move to Middleweight division.

Off topic I wouldn't mind seeing Jon Jones fight Alexander Gustafsson or Phil Davis. Jones always has such a huge reach advantage against everyone and would still have a reach advantage against either one of these guys but either match would be interesting to me.

Post #4   8/27/12 7:31:37PM   

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So now we have two sides of the story that don't match up

I'm gonna go with Dans account

Ron Paul 2016

Post #5   8/27/12 9:28:55PM   

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hendo vs machida would be sick.

Post #6   8/27/12 9:31:07PM   

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Right thing to do would to schedule hendo vs Jones at 155 Vegas that way Jones can get all the booing he deserves by the Vegas crowd.

Post #7   8/27/12 10:05:38PM   

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While I'd like to see Hendo fight any number of the LHWs mentioned, he was in line for a title shot. I understand that he might have to fight someone else now but that sucks for hendo. He's already what 43? By the time he recovers and fights someone else, it would be nearly a year (depending on the recovery time for his knee). And he very well might get beat in the proposed title eliminator. With his limited time left in the sport and the landscape at LHW I'd rather see him fight for the title next even though it might not make the most sense.

Post #8   8/28/12 9:01:03AM   
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