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John Dodson Sidelined ’6 to 7 Weeks’

John Dodson Sidelined ’6 to 7 Weeks’
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Dodson broke his hand in the opening round, and literally had to fight with one less weapon for the majority of the fight.

The injury occurred early in the first round. As he goes back and watches the fight now, Dodson knows exactly where it happened.

“It happened in the first round. I re-watched it. It happened at like 2 minutes, 24 seconds into the fight, and I hit him with that overhand left and I tried to double up on it with two punches. I couldn’t make a fist anymore,” Dodson told MMAWeekly Radio following the fight.

“I was trying to make a fist in my glove and it wasn’t working out too well. I even told Greg (Jackson) after the first, ‘I think I broke my hand.’ He goes, ‘punch him with it,’ and I was like cool.”


Post #1   5/9/12 9:47:00AM   

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Knew that hand broke early he was throwing elbows like jabs for most of the fight.

Post #2   5/9/12 10:26:07AM   

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No rush to get back with a small Flyweight division right now.

Post #3   5/9/12 5:26:42PM   

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Dodson is a gifted fighter, probably due to his small stature. Heard he was a bit of a prick in real life, and the whole magician thing is laaame.

Tim Elliot won that fight IMO, crazy style.

Post #4   5/9/12 6:19:56PM   


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I didn't realize he broke his hand during the fight. I was somewhat surprised how much trouble Elliot was giving him. This explains a bit. I don't like Dodson one bit, but he's a tornado in the cage.

“It went well, thank you. Bas Rutten is the most handsome man in the world….”, Bas pretending to translate a Japanese fighter

Post #5   5/10/12 1:28:01PM   
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