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Michael Schiavello: 'Everyone is crucifying Alistair Overeem, but he hasn't technically cheated'

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Michael Schiavello: 'Everyone is crucifying Alistair Overeem, but he hasn't technically cheated'
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Posted by UFC_Fanatic

There are a ton of things we don't know. I mean to the best of my knowledge, based on what I've read so far into the situation, he never actually tested positive for any banned substances, i.e. steroids. It is a little unfair as well, that, based on my recollection, whenever Marquardt's testosterone was high going into his WW debut, he was given X amount of time to get it down, or he wouldn't be allowed to fight i understand that it was a different athletic commission, but considering he never tested positive for anything other than high testosterone, isn't it only fair that he at least be given a similar opportunity?

I agree.

Personally, I think it seems likely that Alistair is using PEDs. But I have no proof its just sort of a gut feeling/suspicion.

Its not fair to convict people in the court of public opinion and I don't think Alistair should be treated unfairly just because he's got big muscles.

There's a chance (however unlikely) that he bulked up completely naturally.

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Lets not pretend that we don't know how it works - Athletes cycle on and off with supplements. Overeems testosterone was high because he was in his on-cycle. He would have cycled it out of his system before fight day and I don't have a problem with that. If his testosterone levels are within the allowed range for fight day then I don't care what he puts in his body.

I just want to see JDS vs Overeem

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Well, whether others do it or not, I personally feel that taking banned substances and/or abusing substances during training and then 'cycling off' to be 'clean' at fight-time is still cheating. I'm a big Overeem fan, but I, like everyone else have/had my doubts whether he really was 'clean'. I always felt that it was possible that he was, but I know many who believe that it is impossible. I would not buy it if he claims TRT. I think this whole TRT thing is really slippery. No SAC has an adequate policy to determine whether or not the use is legitimate. California is working on it, but right now, it seems to me like this is a pretty easy thing to abuse.... even if the athlete is able to pass the fight-day tests.

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