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UFC Quick Quote: Josh Barnett can return to the UFC if he keeps 'playing nice' with Dana White

UFC Quick Quote: Josh Barnett can return to the UFC if he keeps 'playing nice' with Dana White
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"The way that Showtime wants to do it is when that fight finally happens, whoever wins it, they wanna do another fight on Showtime, so that guy would probably come to the UFC. We'll see what happens, you know? Josh and I have been playing nice with each other for a little while, since he got into the UFC. It's more than just, 'Does he win? Does he do this?' You gotta be able to come to terms with the guy and be able to deal with him. If he wins the fight, I can't see why he wouldn't come here, unless we weren't able to make a deal with him."

-- Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White discussed the future of the organization's heavyweight division with HDNet's Ron Kruck. The point of emphasis revolved around the new faces that the UFC has imported from Strikeforce within the last few months. The only two heavyweights who are technically still on the Strikeforce roster are Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett, who will face each other in the finals of the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix tournament at Strikeforce: "Barnett vs. Cormier" in San Jose, Calif., on May 19, 2012.


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Barnett would sure put a spanner in the works of the UFC's striking heavy HW division. Always liked his fighting style, just relentless pressure.

I can see him going far, just not sure how much more learning he can do.

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