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favorite stand up comedian?

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favorite stand up comedian?
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Shame Shame Larry!

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Mitch Hedberg if we're talking dead, Anthony Jeselnik if we're talking alive.

and if it's my favorite alive comedian, I'd say it's about time you stand up and take fucking notice. The best is yet to come.

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MMA Sensei

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Louis CK is in a league of his own. (Now that Carlin is gone)

Most successful comedians will get a routine that gets good laughs and they'll keep that material in their act for years as they generate new material to take its place. Kind of like a band keeps playing its hits.

That kind of thing doesn't work well with comedy. If you go see them once, the next time you go to see them you end up hearing a lot of jokes you've already heard so as a result you don't really want to see them twice.

Louis treats his act more like a professional fighter. His tour is like his training where he'll work new bits in and out readying for his DVD taping which is ultimately his fight. As soon as that DVD is filmed, EVERY joke in his act is retired and he'll come up with a 100% fresh act for the next years tour.

Plus any comedian that gets ripped off by other comedians as often as he does must be doing something right.

Some other good ones I didn't notice mentioned here.

Patrice O'Neal (RIP)
Dave Chappelle
Doug Stanhope
Jim Norton
Ricky Gervais

Post #32   3/3/12 1:45:54AM   

Come at me bro

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Posted by warglory

I'll echo the sentiment for Louis CK, and there's one key reason for that.

The vast majority of comedians merely have routines, which can certainly be funny, but Louis CK embodies his comedy in a way that his fans can relate in a warped way because he says stuff that most of us only think about. It's like the dark humor of our lives is embodied in Louis CK. How many times have we all wanted to tell some asshole 4 year old to shut up or something like that? Fucking hilarious.

his 4 year old kid

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In Full Mount

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In no order

George Carlin
Doug Stanhope
Mitch Hedberg
Louis CK
Bill Hicks
Zach Galifinakis
David Cross

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