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HW 4 16%
LHW 6 24%
MW 0 0%
WW 1 4%
LW 14 56%
others 0 0%
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Learning to Sprawl

dotaaddict Avatar
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What division created the highest quality and entertainment of fights?

HW division: The come from behind wins of Mir and Kongo are the fights that come to my mind easily if quality and entertainment is concerned. JDS-Carwin is also good guys.

LHW division: The fight of the year came from this division. How Jones dominates ex-champions is also entertaining for me.

MW division: Leben-Munoz and Belfort-Silva comes to my mind for this division.

WW division: Fitch-Penn and Diaz-Penn were very entertaining.

LW division: the 2 Edgar-Maynard fight, Cerrone-Diaz, Guida-Henderson, Stephen-Pettis. You cannot ask for more.

Post #1   1/1/12 7:11:05PM   

MMA Sensei

State_Champ Avatar

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LW has given me the most thrills this year, for sure!

Guida/Henderson war, Edgar/Maynard comeback of the year, Lauzon/Guillard major upset, Diaz/Cerrone slobberknocker, etc...

Post #2   1/1/12 7:58:33PM   

In Full Mount

Lesnar1 Avatar
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LW has been amazing this year for sure. Edgar & Maynards 2 bouts were so thrilling, Guida & Benson was crazy, Cerrone/ Diaz & a bunch of other spectacular bouts. Definitely an epic year for LW.

But i'd give it to LHW, this year we saw the rise of Jon Jones from promising prospect to the ruler of the LHW division defeating Bader, Shogun, Rampage & Machida all in under 365 days, it could be argued to have been the best year in mma history, rivaling Shoguns epic 2005. Also Titos Movie like triumph defeating Bader saving his career, Fight of the year/best fight ever Dan Henderson v Shogun Rua, has to be one of the greatest wars in the history of the sport, Plus the emerge of new contenders such as Phil Davis & Gustaffson, Rashad Evans still holding his own, IMO I just think LHW has been 2011's best division. Although LW is a very close second.

Post #3   1/1/12 10:02:02PM   

MMA Regular

roofer1967 Avatar
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1) LW just so much talent should be the best division in 2012 again.
2)LHW with what Jon Jones has done from the start of this year who could have seen this division looking like this by the end of the year.
3) HW with the best Strikeforce fighters now in the UFC next year should be even a better year for the big guys. But it was also a great year in 2011 and now that the top 4 fighters have all had a chance we have a new champion. But will he still be on top of the division in 2012?

Post #4   1/4/12 12:06:16AM   

Remember Paul Herrera

Pookie Avatar

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I will never not pick LHW on a poll like this.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

Post #5   1/4/12 4:16:16PM   

Heavyweight Champ

gartface Avatar

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I don't think that there is a doubt that the lightweight division was my favorite. It had the most competitive fights, the best quality, and most importantly, the most entertaining of the fights.

Also, I loved the story line behind the WEC being absorbed and seeing just how well Henderson, Cerrone, and Pettis did in the UFC 155 ranks, not to mention the two absolute wars between Edgar and Maynard. 2012 is going to be even better!

Post #6   1/5/12 8:50:59AM   
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