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Fedor in talks with UFC again

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Fedor in talks with UFC again
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There has been talk speculating that Fedor Emelianenko's next opponent is going to be Olympian Satoshi Ishii on New Years. However, a source from Emelianenko's camp has informed us that they are negotiating with the UFC once again.

The terms are much different now due to the fact that he lost three in a row and is no longer as valuable as he once was, and Fedor's management knows this. As of right now, nothing has been signed, but negotiations are going smoothly.


take a look at who he is rumored to debut against

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Post #1   11/21/11 5:21:08PM   

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I'm sorry, but if he came to the UFC, I don't think Cain would be a good opening fight for him. Cain would be too tough for him to start with. I agree tho, its the time to come to the UFC.

Post #2   11/21/11 6:03:52PM   

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FlashyG Avatar

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The time for this has passed IMO.

Don't get me wrong I'll always watch Fedor fight but he's not the same fighter he was in PRIDE. Coming to the UFC will only tarnish his legacy further, especially if he's fighting guys like Velasquez.

Its EXTREMELY unlikely he'll ever be in title contention so the only reason to sign him would be to build up someone else based on them beating Fedor and I really don't want to see that happen.

Post #3   11/21/11 6:14:29PM   

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Until someone from within the UFC confirms this I'll be a bit sceptical. M1 are like the Don King's of MMA. They've never really cared about Fedor, just what Fedor can do for them so this sudden change of heart sort of leaves me doubting.

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Post #4   11/21/11 6:15:22PM   


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Here we go again, just sign him and get it over with already...geez

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Post #5   11/21/11 6:25:44PM   

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sign him & give him decent competition, if he succeeds, step up the level of competition, if not, let him go

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Post #6   11/21/11 6:29:01PM   

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sparky Avatar

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Fedor in the octagon before his career comes to an end is a MUST imo....... but fighting Cain might not be such a good idea!!!!!!

Post #7   11/21/11 6:30:23PM   

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mrsmiley Avatar

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Fedor in the UFC I think would still be interesting.
Guys like Cain,Jr,and Brock are all monsters but the one thing they all still lack in their careers is the vast vast fight experince a guy like Fedor has. Now i'm not saying Fedor would beat all or any of these guys based on experince alone.
Far from it. Cain has shown he can overcome fighters with vast experience.

But it would be interesting to see how Cain comes back from his first lost and how Fedor deals with his first UFC fight. Cain is still somewhat "infant" when it comes to fighting experience though his record claims Nog and Kongo.

In short what i'm trying to say is both fighters are at a road in their career they've never been before. I think that though it's obvious their skill set would come into play I think their's a vast amount of psychological factors to account for here as well. Fedor has been dealt three consecutive losses and still has the urge and assumingly the longevity to continue. We cannot yet be certain of this with Cain. Most fighters have the dream of becoming the champion,yet strangely enough we seldom here them say ; "I want to hold the title longer than anyone."
With Fedor we see that he's obviously fighting for more than a title. He's in a sense gone past that so to speak. It seems like that perhaps now he's fighting for the fight.
I'm curious to see if Cain's career can move past the title or if like a shooting star he'll quickly hit his peak and then burn out. I think that their are quiet a few fighters out their that have a mentality that after they've won a title their's less to prove to others and themselves after that title is lost. Other things begin to occupy their mind.

Hope this fight happens but i'm not going to hold my breath.

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Post #8   11/21/11 6:41:33PM   


ncordless Avatar

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I say give him 1 fight to get comfortable and let people know who he is, then send up the ladder and see how far he gets. My guess is he gets beat by most of the top tier of today, but I'd like to see him try.

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Post #9   11/21/11 6:51:38PM   

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Post #10   11/21/11 7:14:33PM   

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is it still gonna be at the original offer price? ..ohh M-1

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Post #11   11/21/11 7:31:54PM   

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imanidiot777 Avatar
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I was just talking about this on Saturday and here you go. It is a great idea now that his value is down. M-1 cannot demand all of the crap they did before. Give him a chance and at the very least he will be a big draw.

Post #12   11/21/11 7:48:54PM   

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Cooler Avatar

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Fedor's managment knows they have no strings in this, I think it'll happen this time.

Post #13   11/21/11 7:50:31PM   

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tallica62 Avatar
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walking in the footsteps of Cro Cop - famed name, brilliant in his day, but the reality of present day MMA fighters will unfortunately do more negative than positive imo

Post #14   11/21/11 7:50:50PM   

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Posted by tallica62

walking in the footsteps of Cro Cop - famed name, brilliant in his day, but the reality of present day MMA fighters will unfortunately do more negative than positive imo

Fedor is not a good comparison with Cro Cop at all because they're not the same style fighters and they have had different paths in their careers on top of fighting each other in a fight that wasnt that close on my scorecard. Fedors career has been more famed and regarded as great, on top of that he can still probably beat most heavyweights. He may have problems with the big wrestlers of zuffa as shown in the Bigfoot that his jiu jitsu can be negated and he can be controlled from the top. But none the less I think his UFC run would be must different than Cro Cop's. And I have a good reason to think so especially since Fedor has never lost his desire to fight like Cro Cop has in his final years of fighting while Fedor probably wont retire for a few more years I havn't seen a drop in his skillset, the competition is getting better.

Post #15   11/21/11 7:56:33PM   
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