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UFC boss complimentary of Spike TV but up for challenge of 'going to battle'

UFC boss complimentary of Spike TV but up for challenge of 'going to battle'
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Saturday night's UFC on FOX debut signals the beginning of an intriguing period for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and its broadcast partners.

As one era begins with the FOX family of networks, another will slowly come to an end as UFC programming is eventually replaced with Bellator Fighting Championships events on Spike TV.

UFC president Dana White today said he maintains the utmost respect for the operations team at Spike TV and realizes they have been instrumental in the fight promotion's expansion. That said, White said the gloves will come quickly off.

"You'll never hear me say anything bad about Spike or about the guys over there," White said following today's UFC on FOX press conference in Los Angeles. "They're getting into this business, and they're going to be competitors and everything else. But without Spike, I wouldn't be sitting on this stage right now and having this conversation.

"We're going to battle now, I guess, and I look forward to it. I'm up for the challenge."


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He's right about not being where their at without Spike but Spike wouldn't be where their at without the UFC. They were perfect for eachother when MMA was still trying to become legitimate. But now that MMA is so popular, its time for them to take the next step. Unfortunately for Spike, that means parting ways. Dana is hellbent on making sure the UFC wins at every turn. Spike needs to do what they need to do, I understand that, but Dana is the king at this kinda stuff. It's gonna get pretty interesting in the next couple months, that's for sure

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FOX family > Spike

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I miss when spike used to play mxc and american gladiators and all those hilarious shows all the time

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That was before they came up with 1001 ways to annoy your fanbase.

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