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UFC Smartly Nixes Plans for UFC Japan to Lead Into U.S. Pay-Per-View

UFC Smartly Nixes Plans for UFC Japan to Lead Into U.S. Pay-Per-View
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According to a report from's Daniel Herbertson, the UFC has finally wised up to the realities of promoting an event in Japan. It was originally suggested by UFC President Dana White that the UFC Japan card, scheduled to take place at Saitama Super Arena on February 26, would act as a prelude to a stateside pay-per-view, but sources have confirmed that the UFC has nixed that approach:

The UFC's long-awaited return to Japan on Feb. 26, 2012 will be a full pay-per-view level event, sources have confirmed to MMA Fighting as initially reported by Dave Meltzer. Zuffa has thus abandoned its controversial plan to have the UFC Japan event act as a free-to-air lead-in to a Las Vegas PPV event.


Post #1   10/28/11 5:58:00PM   

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I am glad I know this now and not later
I was planning on going feb 25th to vegas.
Might just shoot for superbowl weekend now

Post #2   10/28/11 6:34:47PM   

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This news sucks! I was really looking forward to the dual-PPV idea. Perhaps in 2013 though! 2012 should be a big rebuilding year.

Post #3   10/28/11 6:48:36PM   

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I love watching UFC and could quite happliy have 52 events a year ( 1 a week) but I dont want 2 events in the same day/night. Im dreading it when it gets to the stage that some events are just skipped over and you get to read about it but not watch it.

2 events in 1 night is heading that way IMO!


Post #4   10/28/11 8:05:31PM   

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IMO Japan needs something a bit better than a 10AM UFC undercard... so this is good news.

Even if it doesn't make the US folks happy, make it during prime evening hours in Japan and give them a semi-nationalistic but stacked card on the level of the UFC Rio card. Most casual fans probably wouldn't even know if their PPV was a replay from earlier in the day anyway. Between their recent tragedies and their massive contributions to martial arts and MMA they deserve it.

Post #5   10/28/11 8:26:21PM   

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Is Saku fighting in the UFC again or wa that a rumor?

Post #6   10/28/11 9:06:55PM   

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Well that sounds like it would've been a pretty bad idea from a business perspective. I'm sure hardcore fans like us would've loved to see back to back events, but realistically, the Japan card would've probably ended up being a terrible failure to a more casual audience if it was done as a lead in to a PPV event.

Plus, just like the homage they paid to Brazil, Japan deserves something better, they pretty much laid the foundation for the popularization of MMA. The first card in Japan should be a big deal, not just a lead-in to a PPV.

Post #7   10/29/11 3:26:50PM   
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