Multiple Title Holders

Do you think that multiple title holders would be a good idea or bad idea?
Good 6 27%
Bad 12 55%
DK, but it's worth finding out. 4 18%
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So first and foremost let me express that I know that Dana White and the UFC will never allow for one man to hold multiple belts from multiple weight divisions, and the reason being that one man can only fight so many times a year. I know that financially this is huge no-no for the company as it is much harder to sell PPV cards which do not feature a title shot. So if one fighter were to have two belts that would mean that there was one less fighter in circulation to fill the coveted main-event position. All the same, this is one fans point of view on the matter.

With Edgar`s win last night I feel he has more than proven he is the legitimate force to be dealt with at 155 especially after adding knock out power to his resume. Yet, as he defends his championship at 155 we will be missing out seeing what he could possibly be doing at 145 or maybe even 135 during his prime. Instead we will have to stand by and wait for him to lose before he makes such a move down in weight. On the flip side, there is Aldo whose body is obviously ready to move up to 155 as I know in the past he`s had difficulties making the weight.

In the lower weight divisions is not the only place where this multiple title supremacy could be a possibility, with Anderson`s dominant performances at 205 I have had him ranked among the top light heavyweight fighters in the world. The only thing stopping him from holding that title is a friendship with Machida, and an unwritten rule in the UFC prohibiting the holding of multiple titles. There is also the issue with GSP fighting Anderson. Most account hold that a catchweight fight for p4p championship is most likely, but I know Dana is not a big fan of catch weight fights, and I am fairly certain over the past few years as this fight has been discussed I`ve read or heard coming from Dana`s lips that if this fight were to happen at 185 then GSP would have to move up permanently and vacate the welterweight title.

I believe, in the UFC`s current state this is all unnecessary. They`ve moved up to having 7 titles now, and are constantly talking about adding 125 to the mix as well. They did fine before when they only had 5 titles, and if one or two fighters locked up multiple titles I don`t think it would be such a horrible thing.

I know it would create a huge gridlock in some of these weight divisions, especially in the lightweight and welterweight divisions, but other than these two divisions right now, the others don`t have a lot of high end depth IMO. In addition, I think that Strikeforce`s HW tournament has been very entertaining, and holding such a drawn out tournament for a #1 contender spot in say the LW division would be just as highly entertaining, and would buy the additional time needed to allow these fighters to defend at multiple weights. In addition, putting on these tournaments in weight divisions where the champion has multiple obligations provides a bit of a safety net as well. Should the champion be hurt, or not be able to defend the title within the allotted year you could change the #1 contender fight to an interim title fight.

Furthermore, the fact that the UFC is having so many cards these days, and only looks to have more, they really cannot have a title fight every card anyway, and will have to start rely more and more upon selling the card without them. The way they will do this is by keeping the fans happy. And this is something Dana always preaches, that if the fans want it he will make it happen. As a fan, I have to say I would prefer to see the likes of two champions fight it out like Frankie Edgar taking on Jose Aldo for the Featherweight title within the next year or so; instead of possibly having to wait another 3 years(completely hypothetical) when one of these guys has lost a step and their title and is allowed to freely fight at a different weight.

If anything, I think that this would allow for us to see champions fight more often, as they would be constantly having to gear up for the next fight; which is the way I think it should be. The champion has to fight his heart out to get to the title, and they should have to fight it out even more to hold on to it. This could also mean more change over in the belts which is always entertaining as well.

In the end, I think that this could be a really good thing for the UFC. They could promote Super Fights between champions, they could have more popular champions as they would have multiple titles. Their champions would have to fight more often as they would be busy defending multiple divisions. In addition we could see the addition of #1 contender tournaments. I don't know, it just sounds like a good idea to me, and it's not like it wasn't a possibility two years ago when Penn moved up to fight against GSP.

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I went with bad, only because of the title shots it ties up with divisions that are starting to stack with talent. Like I posted in the dream matchups thread, GSP has said he'd want at least a year to add the muscle mass and train for the difference in fighter's styles at 185. So that one wouldn't happen as he wouldn't be able to then make 170 after doing that. Anderson tying up two titles doesn't appeal to me because if he won, each time he defended his MW belt, we'd miss out on a LHW title shot.

Same with any division. And if Edgar dropped to 145 and lost, not only would it tie up the titles for that fight, but guaranteed Aldo would go up to 155 and they'd have a rematch for the LW strap if Aldo could show he could beat Edgar at 145 and then we're having rematches between title holders and 12-18 months between fighters defending their titles in their real division in that situation.

I guess, in short, I think someone should have to vacate their title, and they get an immediate title shot at the next division. I like, as you said a mini-tourney to determine #1 contender as the belt is tied up, but a mini-tourney to determine the winner of the vacant belt trumps it in fans' interest level.

I can see both sides, I just don't care to see anyone holding two at the same time as we'd just see deserving challengers get less shots.

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Bad- it clogs up divisions and stifles the emergence of new marketable talent. it is bad enough when a division gets a roadblock with an injured champion, now imagine two divisions clogging up when that champion gets hurt. its bad for the macro-flow of the sport, hinders other great match-ups, and it doesn't let new stars be born in different divisions.

i completely understand the desire for dream match-ups and it is always awe inspiring to see a guy dominate a division, let alone two...but there are just too many negatives for me personally.

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im all for fighter's moving up for dream matchups, but i'd rather them be non-title fights. the W, the bragging rights & the exposure should be enough. no need for these fights to be for titles

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I think edgar needs to face melendez and winner of guida/henderson
Then he could give up belt if he faces aldo and wins featherweight belt

Or cruz could face aldo

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If they can beat the champ they win the belt. As long as they defend both a few times a year, cool. I wish they would all fight more anyway.

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