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Going to see UFC fights live

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Going to see UFC fights live
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Learning to Sprawl

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Me and My buddy have been to UFC 115 in Vancouver and 129 in Toronto and that is by far some of the best money spent. Wether or not your seats are good doesnt even matter. The crowd gets insane and to be a part of it is incredible.
While in Toronto we got to see, hear and feel nerly 56,000 people cheering for the legend Randy Couture, purely awesome. At 115 Chanting BULL$h!T when Rory MacDonald got beat by Condit with 7 seconds left. Again Awesome

My Personal opinion if there is a show nearby or one with a Fan Expo, GO TO IT

Post #16   10/12/11 2:26:52PM   

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speaking of commentary. thats something I learned at this UFC. You can buy these little UFC radios to hear the commentary. Im sure you could bring your own if you knew what frequency they were using.

$20 for a cheap little radio that says UFC on it that is pretuned to the proper frequency. Kind of a scam but it is convenient!

"If there's one thing that you learn from me, this entire process, the harder you work now, the later you'll get rewarded" - Josh Koscheck on TUF

Post #17   10/12/11 7:52:02PM   

Shame Shame Larry!

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I recommend live if it's doable. The view is worse but the atmosphere is way better. Just be sure to wear an Affliction shirt or you'll stand out like a sore thumb.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

Post #18   10/13/11 4:58:29PM   
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