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I've been considering getting tickets for a couple of months now to go see a UFC event but I'm not sure if I want to pull the trigger and if the show is better in person than it is on PPV. Sounds like a dumb question but I just wonder if I'd be watching the fights on the giant screen above the octagon unless I got really good seats. Anyone have any opinions on this?

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It's hard to say. I got tickets to UFC 88 in Atlanta for my birthday a few years back, and I had a blast. We were 15 rows up from the floor seats.(My brother had corporate tickets) Oh and Mike Hampton, former MLB pitcher, was behind us He and his brother were super dicks. His brother kept calling Matt Hamill a pussy because he got knocked out with a liver kick. I wanted to turn around and kick him in his nuts, but I guess I got the last laugh because his brother, a millionaire, didn't have better seats than two regular ass dudes.

Anyway. The experience, right. It was a good atmosphere. We got there before the event started so we could catch the preliminary bouts. I won't lie, it's hard, or at least it was hard for me, to see every detail as far as what they were doing on the ground or who landed some punches. Another downside was that there was a camera man directly in our line of vision. He blocked a decent amount of the action. So there was a good bit of big screen tv watching going on, but that can happen at almost every sporting event.

The best part though is just being there, and knowing that the fighters that you love to watch so much on tv are fighting in the same room you're in. Hearing punches, slams, etc, and seeing all of the stuff that they don't show you on the PPV, were all great reasons, at least in my opinion, to buy a ticket.


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Personally, I've never gone. However, I will say that if it's anything like any other sporting event, you're going more for the atmosphere than you are to watch the event because your view of the action will not be nearly as good at the arena as it is on your TV.

I'm going to go one of these days just to get it out of my system. UFC 119 in Indy was supposed to be my 1st event but my plans for that fell through (thank God...what a crap event).

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Buy the ticket, take the ride.


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I went to UFC 68, Strikeforce Fedor vs Big foot, Strikeforce Henderson vs Fejio, and this past weekend went to the UFC on VS. I have also been to 10 to 20 local events. Hands down 1080 hd is the best view. The big screens at the event are nice. You do not want to be on the floor! The best seats are just above the cage in the lower bowl so you are close yet can look down into the cage. When the fight hits the ground you have to watch the screen. Now I have been sober I have been stoned I have be a little drunk and this past weekend I was hammered. I prefer stoned cause I get all focused and in a zone. It is a must that if you love the sport you go at least one time IMO. The atmosepher is what you pay for.

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I was at UFC 131 in Vancouver (Dos Santos vs Carwin) - one of the sickest cards fightwise. I thought they were probably just amazing live and would probably look lackluster when i downloaded the event a week later, but nope!

I'm a Bruins fan and the UFC was right after game 5, the crowd was insane... when Kenflo was fighting there was actually a "Bruins suck" chant going on in my section, it was hilarious... (note, i was wearing my 1994 Neely jersey and was getting it pretty hard) - all in fun though, most people were really fun to talk to, but you'll always encounter the typical Affliction guys who buy their shirts 3 sizes too small and fold their arms during the event, but that's typical at an event.

I can honestly say i had such a good time, we were balcony row... looking into the cage (here are 2 pictures - sorry for the quality)

I found these seats awesome because you're not staring into a corner, or looking over people to try to get a good view... with this view you could pretty much see all the action, sure you're a little further away, but i'd rather be further away and not missing anything than very close and not being able to see. When Stout KO'd Yves you could hear the punch and his head bouncing off the mat from where we were, they were great with the sound and the camera guys didn't get in the way too much. I do however agree its a bit hard to see the ground game and see when/if guys are going for submissions if you aren't looking at the big screen... that was the only time i looked at them.

Basically, you'll have a good time, get a few buddys, have some beers and enjoy the fights, you wont be sorry!

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I have been to 18 ufc events. Spend the money its well worth it

Don't get floor seats all u get is a cage in the way and camera men as well
I would go maybe 5to 10 rows off the floor dead center
Great camera shots!!
Make sure u don't bring a backpack in or lens off camera
Take a lot of pictures and have a silver sharpie on you at all times

I have ran into kenny florian at a starbucks
Diego sanchez, todd duffee on different planes
Royce gracie at chicago airport
Marcus davis, mark coleman, carlos condit
And others all without a damm sharpie to get a autograph

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I have had floor seats to FN22 & FN25 & i personally don't mind the cage & the cameraman or looking to the screen to see when the fight went to the ground

the seats on the first level off the floor are pretty sweet (like the ones w/ pics above)

the floor enables you more opportunities for autographs & pictures from fighters in the crowd, if you're into that stuff. if you're not, the floor seats might seem a bit over-priced.

i went in a group of 6 last time & 3 of the people with me were frustrated w/ the cameraman when we were on the floor, so that is something to consider.

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Honestly dude, if you have an active local scene in your area, I'd hit up a local show first just so you can experience it and figure out what to expect when watching fights in a caged area. Make sure you go with people who appreciate the sport, or else it's a complete drag trying to explain the happenings to people or hear groans about the ground game. There will definitely be moments where you have to rely on the screens, but the reactions from the crowds during cool moments is well worth the attendance.

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I've been to UFC 103 - Franklin vs Belfort and Strikeforce: Overeem vs Werdum. I met a lot of lower level fighters at the UFC event and it was a good experience, but I was watching the video screens more than I was watching the actual cage. I was in the 200 level seating for both events. Based on my experience, I think for the next local event, I will just go to the weigh-ins and watch the actual event at home. I enjoyed going to events, but in the end, I don't feel like it would be worth the money to do it again (since I can already say that I have been to a live event and had the experience). You can see the action better on TV (at least from where I was sitting).

I would highly recommend attending the weigh-ins, though. At UFC weigh-ins, it is worth it to be a Fight Club member. You get preferred seating at the actual weigh-ins, first crack at the autographs from the fighters they bring in, and there's a Q&A session.

At the UFC weigh-ins/event, I met and/or got pictures with Phil Baroni, Jon Fitch, Jake Rosholt, Big Nog, Mike Swick, Paul Buentello, Marcus Hicks, and Rafael dos Anjos (who was up in the stands after beating Rob Emerson).

At the Strikeforce weigh-ins, I met and/or got pictures with Bas Rutten, Kenny Rice, Ron Kruck, Guy Mezger, Miesha Tate, Herschel Walker, Fabricio Werdum, Renato Sobral, and Ariel Helwani.

And in case you didn't already know, Bas Rutten is just about the coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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I went to the UFC event in Abu Dhabi, where Anderson Silva fought Damian Maia. The atmosphere was unbeleivable, the music, the crawd, the chicks, everything was spectacular, except the view. I was in floor seats, 3rd row, dead in the middle. The only thing infront of me was the camera man's ass. I had to watch the event on the screen above. Oh, and I paid almost 1600 USD for the seat.
A freind of mine also attended the event, upperfloor, 7th row, he said the fighters were small from up there, and you cant see details, the cameraman was also a complaint. He also watched the event through the screen.
Nevertheless, it was a good expereice, but I prefer to watch it PPV in the comfort of my living room, replays, great comentary, the best veiw, and much cheaper. I forgot to mension that BEER is everywhere, so expect the place to smell like shit.
Again, I go with PPV.

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Ive been to see the UFC live 9 times (no 10 will be UFC 138). I personally love going to watch it live, I love to get there early and watch all the prelims, I tend to go for the cheap seats and watch all the action on the big screen and just soak up the atmosphere.

Id recommend you go.

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I just got back from UFC 136 so I might be a little biased, but I would say it was WELL worth the money. I got my tickets via the UFC fight club and they cost me $250 a piece. (Not counting my fight club memebership) Now that said, sitting in my section which was 22 rows up slightly left of the octagon, I was able to talk to Stipe Miocic, Jason McDonald, Joey Beltran, and Darren Elkins. Seems like most were there because of friends and family.

Mix that with some tasty beverages and a seriously pumped up crowd and its only going to result in a good time.

I will now go to the Expo / Event every year. Jon Jones put me in a headlock today and gave me a noogy If that aint fun I dont know what is

If i can post the pics soon I will. My friends Nikon has some proprietary cable or I would do it now.

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The pics showed up on facebook earlier so I grabbed one of them:

PS. If you tell Jones that he looks bigger on TV this is what happens

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Just a couple weeks ago, I went to the latest UFC on Versus in Washington DC where Cruz defended his title. I purchased seats in the lower section right above the floor. I've learned not to go with floor seats while attending some WWE shows over the years. It was awesome. However I do like hearing Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan do commentary when I watch ppvs at home, they are the best and make the event so much more enjoyable. Other than that I can't complain. Oh and another thing, try to stay at a good nearby hotel that night as well. I work for the Hyatt so I get free nights anywhere in the world, and the Grand Hyatt Washington is two blocks away from the MCI Center where the ppv was being held. I saw some fighters staying there as well. Got to meet a few, they were at the hotel bar. Buy your tickets, you will not regret it.

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