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Strikeforce grand-prix's conclusion determined by Daniel Cormier's hand recovery

Strikeforce grand-prix's conclusion determined by Daniel Cormier's hand recovery
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What has five fingers and will determine the future of the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix?

It's the hand that led Daniel Cormier to a semifinal-round victory – and the same one that could keep him out the finale.

Cormier, who entered Saturday's semifinals as an injury replacement for tourney favorite Alistair Overeem, picked up an impressive victory at Cincinnati's U.S. Bank Arena. But it came at a cost.

In the night's Showtime-televised co-headliner, Cormier (9-0 MMA, 6-0 SF) blasted former EliteXC champ Antonio Silva (16-3 MMA, 3-2 SF) with a thunderous right hand early in the fight. Silva crashed to the mat and quickly regained his composure, but he was never the same fighter. And that proved to be a blessing for Cormier, who'd score additional knockdowns before a knockout stoppage late in the first round.

"I kind of hurt my hand on the very first right hand when he went down," said Cormier, who entered the night's post-fight press conference with his hand bandaged. "When he got up, I was like, 'How am I going to get through 15 minutes with my hand hurting like it was?' But I kept going. I kept throwing it."


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He only needed another 2 minutes to finish the fight. This was another fight i got wrong. I had only seen Cormier fight once and that was against Monson. Although Monson is tough, he's no Antonio Silva. We'll, looks like Silva is no Monson. Every shot that landed from Cormier rocked Silva. I guess when you have a head and chin as big as Silva, its a pretty easy target to hit

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Silva's a beast for sure, and his footwork and takedowns are impressively athletic for a guy needing to cut down to 265, but it's not just that his head is a large target. He's just unable to equally move his head, neck, shoulders and upper body to avoid shots. When he gets hit, he goes for the takedown, and that's a low percentage move against Cormier. And if you look at his prior losses and struggles - against Eric Pele, against Mike Kyle - you see guys with heavy hands that were able to land on Silva's face.

I don't know if Cormier will ever beat the elite in MMA, especially since he's already 36, but he's the next surprise in a long line during this tournament.

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I am not suprised
Even 205er mike kyle almost tko silva
Silva is overrated ,
Cormier vs barnett will be interesting
Given overeem out of the tournament god knows what he would have done too silva

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I gotta hand it to Barnett for calling that fight. He's pretty good at making predictions from what i've seen.

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why couldnt Fedor have this luck? he landed a bunch of bombs and couldnt drop Silva

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