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Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson in the works for UFC on FOX 1

Who wins?
Forum Opinion Poll
Clay Guida 9 41%
Ben Henderson 13 59%
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Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson in the works for UFC on FOX 1
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Banned for Cheating

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It's especially comedic when a mod picks on posters b/c they have the power, prozacnation knows what im talking about... anyway, say what you want about Guida being exciting to each their own but to say he's active in the guard isnt truthful imho, sitting in the guard the majority of the round doesnt qualify as active if youre talking about sweeping, passing guard, going different subs and transititons... in Pride you'd probably see most of Guidas fights getting stood up for stalling.. and how can that other poster use a broken jaw arm triangle as an example as one of his chokes? who wouldnt tap to a choke with a broken jaw? ouch!

But seriously this wont be competitive in my eyes, Bendo is gonna show Guida what GnP is or at the very least bloody Guida up worse than Kenny did and choke him out.

Post #16   9/7/11 9:52:25AM   

Heavyweight Champ

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Henderson won't be able to put Guida on his back long enough to use any ground and pound. This fight will most likely stay on the feet for a while.

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Post #17   9/7/11 10:01:04AM   


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Posted by Cooler

I hope Ben knocks him out cold with that nasty GnP, then Guida can watch the tape and learn how you play in top position inside the guard or half guard

Cant knock the caveman out...If that kick from Diego didnt KO Clay what will?

Post #18   9/7/11 1:51:45PM   

Steady MODdin'

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Ben's better everywhere except the TD department. It's hard to see where Guida wins unless he can do what no one else has and control Henderson on the ground the entire fight.

Post #19   9/7/11 3:35:04PM   
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