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Mizuto Hirota Finally Ready to Return Twenty Months After Shocking Injury

Mizuto Hirota Finally Ready to Return Twenty Months After Shocking Injury
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On December 31, 2009, Mizuto Hirota got his arm wrenched behind his back by possibly the most ruthless man in MMA: DREAM lightweight champion Shinya Aoki.

Hirota, who was then the Sengoku lightweight champion and had engaged in a war of words with Aoki prior to the bout, refused to tap and so Aoki wrenched the arm further and further until Hirota's body shook and a sickening snap was heard through Saitama Super Arena as referee Yuji Shimada proceeded to dive in and covered his mouth in shock.

With Hirota lying stunned on the canvas and his arm destroyed, Shinya Aoki stood over his defeated opponent while sticking his tongue out and extending his middle finger before excitedly running around the ring and flipping off the audience. Not yet finished, Aoki then laughed at Hirota and mocked his broken arm before proudly named the submission after his boss, the "Keiichi Sasahara 2010."

Hirota obviously should have tapped, but Aoki's performance at Dynamite!! 2009 was one of the lowest points in the history of Japanese MMA. At Deep 55 on August 26, twenty months after getting his arm snapped, Hirota will finally be ready to return.


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Post #1   6/24/11 4:19:08PM   

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I've allways wondered what was said between the two before hand.

Post #2   6/24/11 6:27:18PM   

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I remember watching this live. Very nasty break and a very disgusting attitude after the fight.

Post #3   6/24/11 7:52:13PM   

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All that was really said before hand was the he would never tap to Aoki.

Post #4   6/24/11 8:20:09PM   

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I say he calls out Aoki and they go at it again at the new years show again!!!!!!!!

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I agree that Aoki's behavior was horrible that night but seriously if you have a ground wizard subbing the hell out of you and you don't deserve the snapping of said bones. Let's hope Hirota returns victorious and we never see Aoki act like that again.....he is too talented to not be allowed to fight top notch guys, if that had happened in the UFC he would have faced a serious banning!!!

Post #6   6/25/11 2:32:59PM   

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i agree. aoki didnt make any friends with that performane but i will say that was one of the coolest and most ruthless acts in MMA that ive seen. sakurabas ear falling off was pretty sweet too.

Post #7   6/25/11 2:43:24PM   

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Hirota and Aoki definitely have a back story, it wasnt just Hirota saying he wouldn't tap.

Look up GenghisCon Beef - Aoki v. Hirota for the video that has the information.

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Post #8   6/26/11 1:09:20AM   
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