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Nick "The Goat" Thompson Announces Retirement on The Underground

Nick "The Goat" Thompson Announces Retirement on The Underground
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Long time UGer Nick Thompson has had over 50 fights, in the UFC, Strikeforce, Sengoku, MFC, Elite XC, Bodog, Bellator, and most recently in Japan's World Victory Road. He is the former Bodog Fight Welterweight Champion, and holds wins over Eddie Alvarez, Paul Daley, and Josh Neer, among many others.

Thompson was named after an unfortunate animal breed, the “fainting goat” after displaying the habit of getting knocked out almost on command during his early days in the gym. He shed half of his moniker when he showed a growing propensity to maintain consciousness. While fans may raise their eyebrows at his resulting nickname, he's the Goat today because he personifyied the Japan proverb, "fall down seven times, get up eight:"


"I'm like the superhero coming in with the anti-bullsh*t." - Nick Diaz

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sprawl nbrawl, hitting switches, judo throws, sweeps and mid takedown reversals are some things I think bjj and strikers need to add to their mma game in order to stop great wrestlers

wrestlers dont like to be on their back, Askren and Chael can can basically pull guard and reverse you, but if possible be on top of a wreslter and they are usually fish out of water, or practice sprawl and brawl, it is possible to practice enough sprawls to stop a great takedown, but the counter strikes are very important in making them pay for shooting.

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Probably not a bad idea to get out now. He's got a great future ahead of him in the legal realm, and I can't blame him for wanting to focus on that now.

Props to him for competing this long and so successfully before bowing out.

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im sick of hearing that wrestlers are like "fish out of the water" when they are on their back...thats BS

wrestlers would rather be on top, true...they dont make it this far in the game being a "fish out of the water" when they are on their back...they jsut dont prefer it

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