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The Top 25 Knockouts in UFC History

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The Top 25 Knockouts in UFC History
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Learning to Sprawl

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i think the tank KO over matua is one of the most brutal if not the most brutal...

but i think they shouldve included diaz KO'ing lawlor in there

Post #16   4/3/11 11:38:58PM   

Heavyweight Champ

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Number 24 Hughes vs Newton should be a lot higher on the list.

Number 16 and 15 were both amazing.

Yves over Thompson was amazing, #10.

Overall, great list!

Post #17   4/5/11 8:58:31PM   

Learning to Sprawl

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Pretty good list overall. I loved the Shogun KO of Lyoto. Speaking as a Cro Cop fan, that Gonzaga kick was awesome. Hendo's KO of Bisping was just great, and I feel Rashad's KO of Liddell was pretty low on the list.

With all due respect to Chuck Liddell, there is no way that him knocking out Randy is the best KO in UFC history. IMO the first Babalu or first Tito knockouts were better. Hendo should have had the number one spot.

Post #18   5/22/11 3:01:17PM   

MMA Sensei

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I was most curious to see where Silvas ko over Vitor would land, im a little surprised that it didnt make the top 5. Most every KO list iv seen has gonzaga over Cro Cop in the top 3, and rightfully so, imo it should be #1 considering how crazy and unexpected it was combined with the irony of it all.

My favorite is still Gary Goodridge with the original hellbows on Paul Herrera at ufc 8

Those elbows were just nasty. That was one of the first clips of mma I saw.

They're also the reason why 12-6 elbows are illegal.

but i agree, Goodridge has the best knockout of all time in my book.

Weren't those elbows more like 3-9?

Post #19   5/23/11 8:11:14AM   
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