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Sengoku announces its imminent collapse -- on their website!

Sengoku announces its imminent collapse -- on their website!
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grappler0000 Avatar

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Now just minutes ago on Sengoku's official website, the company released a report called 'Future activities of the emergency' which details how SRC lost their main sponsor, Don Quixote, and are now making plans to completely shut down. Here's a rough translation of the report.

SRC Report: Future activities of the emergency;

Emergency previous report (released February 1, 2011) As we know the history behind it, but we now are critical crossroads, we face a tough decision. Then, Don Quixote, who is also the parent company of our sponsor (the company below) from, SRC has been made official representations to the effect that withdrawing from the business...

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Post #1   3/11/11 12:34:41AM   

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ThaAxeMurderer7 Avatar

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This sucks but I kinda expected it. I'm hoping whatever is troubling Dream can be worked out and Japanese MMA can be kept alive.

Post #2   3/11/11 1:19:57AM   

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machodog76 Avatar

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Sucks, but you could see it comming a mile away

Post #3   3/11/11 2:16:43AM   

Banned for Cheating

Cooler Avatar

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Japanese MMA has been a huge part of my fandom for many years, so to see DREAM struggle, K-1 struggle and watching Sengoku and PRIDE fall..I will lose a lot of interest in MMA if DREAM folds after Sengoku. This is honestly the worst news in MMA in a very logn time.

Post #4   3/11/11 2:53:16AM   

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DeadHead988 Avatar
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It was inevitable... expect to see a handful of new Sengoku guys on the UFC prelims.

Post #5   3/11/11 8:23:50AM   

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Franklinfan47 Avatar

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A fun org while it lasted. Atleast now their fighters can fight bigger shows and bigger pay days. We're already seeing it with Herman, Mann, Santiago. I wonder where Hioki will turn up.

Post #6   3/11/11 3:13:19PM   

MMA Sensei

TimW001 Avatar
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It's really too bad. The good news is that we will see a lot of these guys in SF or UFC. But it is terrible that now Japan is running out of places to work on new talent.

Post #7   3/11/11 3:38:52PM   
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