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Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran Added to UFC Fight for the Troops 2

Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran Added to UFC Fight for the Troops 2
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A heavyweight bout with dynamite written all over it has been added to the Jan 22 "Fight for the Troops" show as Pat Barry makes his return to action against Joey Beltran.

The bout was confirmed to by sources close to the match-up on Thursday, with verbal agreements in place from the fighters.

Fight for the Troops is looking nasty.

Post #1   11/4/10 4:56:27PM   

The Talent

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Barry should take this pretty easily in my opinion. his TD defense has no doubt improved since training with Lesnar's camp and Beltran doesn't stand much of a chance on the feet.

Post #2   11/4/10 5:41:31PM   

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The troops are going to have one hell of a show, and they deserve it! Joe Silva is on fire with all these lastest match-ups. Keep em coming!

Oh, and WAR BARRY!

Post #3   11/4/10 5:59:11PM   

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So Pat Barry who has a high name for himself in the UFC instead of getting a guy with a high name for himself gets Joey Beltran, im sorry. But with Matt Mitrione beating him i think i'd prefer to have seen Matt Vs Pat.. unless Matt has an even higher ranked opponent?

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Post #4   11/4/10 7:11:10PM   

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Barry is going to smoke Beltran like a shitty cigar........Light it up quick and put it out fast! With his leg kicks Barry will tear through The Mexicutioner berfore the end of rnd 1. I like watching that as much as the other guy, but really wished Barry would have gotten a fight that woukld have impacted hisplace in the Hw division. Going from Cro Cop to Beltran is hell of a step down in competition. Not to say that Joey isnt a tough guy, just not on the level as Barry, CC, Hardonk in striking.

Post #5   11/4/10 7:24:44PM   

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Hope the fight is on the main card

Post #6   11/4/10 8:54:18PM   

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Prolly sets up a loser leaves. Maybe want to get Barry a win.

Post #7   11/5/10 1:32:23AM   
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