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Bisping Beats up Elvis... Elvis leaves the Building Bloodied

Bisping Beats up Elvis... Elvis leaves the Building Bloodied
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"... a little less conversation a little more action".

Well, that was a piece of Elvis Presley's song and also a piece of Elvis Sinosic's entrance song that just about says it all as those few words were all the foreshadowing needed to see where this fight with Michael "The Count" Bisping and Elvis Sinosic was going to end up in front of the action starved Manchester, England MMA fans.

Action was plentiful if you had the best seat in the house at the M.E.N. arena like Elivis had who saw first hand, err... fist what it's like to be on the receiving end of the Count's punches and to be 'Counted' out early by referee stoppage in the 2nd round.

Post #1   4/22/07 11:21:12AM   

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Elvis had the biggest balls on of the night to fight bisping at home.
Props to sinosic !!!

Post #2   4/22/07 3:58:06PM   
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