MIr vs. Noguira II Question

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On the ground, there is no heavyweight that can roll with Nog, maybe werdum, but Nog wins more often than not. Mir doesnt stand a chance here, hence the reason he wouldn't follow Nog there during the first fight.

Nog has problems with fighters who are quicker than he is as age and his battles are more than likely catching up with him. I think this is why Cain was able to dominate the standup .

As for the first Mir/Nog fight, Nog I honeslty don't even remember Nog throwing any punches. Mir has the overhand left and nothing else. He jumps forward with a jab and overhand left. He caught Kongo with it and won, but if they fought again I think Kongo wins.

With the way Frank jumps forward I think if Nog doesn't win the standupup he will be able to in the very least clinch and get the TD. From there, its his fight.

As for Nogs glass jaw, I think he has shown much more than Mir, by far. Mir folds as soon as he gets hit, Nog takes punishment like no other.

Finally, if anybody thinks a Prime Nog wouldn't beat a Prime Mir you are crazy. If you don't think you have seen a Prime Mir, what the hell are you waiting for? Mir has and always will be full of hype. I thought the huge strength gain was supposed to be his resurrection? Or maybe his new found striking? Truth is he can't take a shot. Once he gets hit he folds. He has tons of talent, but can't take a solid shot. The formula is there.

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I don't think a prime Nog beats Mir.

It's definitely an interesting subject of debate. The reason why I believe Prime Nog would win is this-

I think Nog's boxing combined with his iron chin are overlooked by today's fans. You gotta remember Nog started every single fight he was ever in on the feet, and he somehow managed to find a way to get opponents who are much tougher to get to the ground than Mir is down there and into his world.

Once on the ground Nog is a master of the position battling game. Of the two people I can think of who dominated positions and avoided submissions against Nog the names are Fedor and Barnett. Barnett is known for his incredible ground control, most notably his submission defense and ability to smother from the top. Fedor is just Fedor.

Mir has never been known as a position dominating grappler. Of all his submissions the only one I can think of that came from a dominant position was his submission over Antoni Hardonk. Which, if I'm not mistaken, came on a reversal of position. (I could be wrong but I believe Mir was on the bottom for a portion of that fight. Against Hardonk of all people)

Here are Mir's submission wins in the UFC off the top of my head-

Kongo- submitted off his back in a guillotine
Lesnar- Submitted off his back in a knee bar
Hardonk- already mentioned
Sylvia- submitted in Arm bar off his back (Broke Tim's arm)
Tank Abbot- submitted off his back via toe hold
That one other dude- submitted in a Mir lock. Somewhat of a shoulder lock done ... you guessed it... off his back.

Compare that to Nog's position dominant BJJ game. I mean Nog made Randy, a master of positional dominance, look like a novice on the ground with his reversals. Nog is a true BJJ master. I give Mir plenty of props... where offensive oriented BJJ is concerned there are few who can match Mir's arsenal in MMA, but in the position and overall BJJ game I have to say Prime Nog would more than likely run roughshod over Mir.

I completely agree with you. Mir has good submissions but other than that his grappling is actually not that great. His wrestling isn't good and neither is his positional grappling. He lost a BJJ match to Roy Nelson (not to knock Roy, just making a point) who's BJJ isn't nearly as touted as Mir's.

I doubt Mir can grapple with Nog, even today's Nog. Luckily for him I doubt this fight ever hits the mat.

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