Dana: There Is No Way Rua Returns In December

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I agree with Dana here. No reason to have him fight if he's less than 100%.

Its a good point but you have to imagine that fighting more than once every 12 months is in the description of the job. If you know what I mean. [/QUOTE

True, but it's not like the guy is holding out. Shogun is wanting to push to come back in December, but Dana is telling him to hold off. The last high profile guy I remember saying, "I won't fight unless I get _____) got tied up in court and couldn't fight anywhere until he came back to the UFC. It's not like Shogun is refusing to fight. Dana is making an executive decision to keep him from blowing his knee out again after only one fight or if he's lucky two. If a guys contract has Three fights a year written into it, and the guy breaks a tibia he will probably miss at least two of those fights. That is the beauty of the lhw division in the UFC, it is so stacked that it won't be stagnant for the next year. Like I said can see where some people wanted an interim title, I just personally have no use for them. How many interim titles have they put out there? The title when Mir got in the car wreck that Arlovski won right? The one that Carwin won in Lesnar's indeterminate absence, and was there one with the Matt Serra/GSP thing or something with Hughes? I don't remember, but I seem to remember the only one being significant where the champ didn't come back a short time later was after Mir had his wreck the first time. In most of those situations within 4-6 months of the interim fight we see the champ and the interim champ fight anyway. Just make the match a number one contenders match. Yes I know Rashad should be the number one contender and I'm not a Rashad hater here, but boo hoo man. The guy is a fighter and his options are, sit until June, or fight another guy who is an interesting fight. I see the argument for an interim, but I don't personally like it. Did I miss any interim belts the UFC has done? (Had to edit, I just remembered the belt Big Nog beat Sylvia for when Randy held out).

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No non title fights should be 5 rds. Interim titles should only be in extreme cases where it's more than a year between title fights. They mean nothing. It's a place holder waiting for the champ. Just put on good fights and that's all that matters.

And I don't wanna see Shogun come back and look like ass. Dana's right, the reason he always has knee problems is because he pushes it too hard to get back.

Actually, interim titles are NOT pointless. They are very much the opposite of pointless. Frank Mir won his HW title and was completely unable to defend that title after his motorcycle crash. They created an interim title match-up between Arlovski and Sylvia which Arlovski won. Arlovski went on to defend that title TWO more times before they made him the official champ because Mir was unable to rehab. It took nine months before he was promoted to Undisputed champ. Mir won the title June 19th, 2004 and an interim title wasn't created until February 5th, 2005. Roughly 7 months. Arlovksi wasn't made full champ for an additional 9 months. That's 16 months. You want them to go a year and half without a HW title fight? Talk about stagnating a division.

Rua won the LHW championship in May and won't be back until March of 2011 (now Dana is saying Summer 2011). That means everyone will have to sit around and wait for over a year God forbid there be any setbacks with knee surgery, lord knows that's never happened before. If there are any setbacks he'll be out even longer. That means a stalled division for over a year in the deepest division in MMA.

Additionally, let's just say there is a minor set back. I don't think anyone here would want a less-than-one-hundred-percent Rua taking a title fight just because he doesn't want to be stripped of his title. By creating an interim title, you keep things moving along without forcing an athlete back to the sport before his body and mind are ready to compete at the highest level. It actually helps the injured champ. I don't know if you've ever had knee surgery before, but any athlete will tell you that it's one of the worst things, mentally, to come back from. You have to prepare yourself to get hit in the legs. Ask any QB who's had their ACL/MCL shredded because a lineman hit them in the legs as they stepped into a throw. Ask them how long it took them before they felt comfortable standing in that pocket and delivering a ball with DB/LB's closing in for the kill.

Interim titles are far from pointless. Rua just hit his stride. He was looking amazing and this is coming from a Machida nuthugger. I don't want Rua to rush back before he is ready, but I also don't want to stagnate a division in case something happens. I could go on, but I think you can clearly see why they aren't pointless and mean much more than nothing.

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