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by Jason Kelly

Recently we witnessed monumental moments in MMA, Fedor Emelianenko’s loss, and Brock Lesnar’s win, while both outcomes have kept the MMA world conversing, I can’t help but notice the ridicule these fighters are taking from fans and media alike. The Friday before Fedor lost to Fabricio Werdum I noticed people saying Werdum doesn’t stand a chance against Fedor, a man who went 10 years without a defeat but, come the following Sunday after Emelianenko lost I heard a new song. Fedor, #1 pound for pound fighter on most top 10 lists, dropped on some lists to 3,4 even 5 then on others, his name vanished and Werdum started to get respect from people who said 48 hours ago, Werdum doesn’t deserve to be fight the great Russian. The Lesnar hater-nation worsened that day as well, making way for an internet full of insults, doubt, and disdain.

Brock’s hate was accredited to his actions after his victory over Frank Mir at UFC 100 which I can agree with, and I understand why people would feel animosity towards him, whether it was his pro-wrestling history glimmering or just an excited winner who doesn’t know how to compose himself. It was an embarrassment to the sport and to Brock. His bout with Shane Carwin at UFC 116 proved victorious for Lesnar yet, he and everyone involved in the fight are taking some unnecessary spews from media and fans. I’ve heard Brock was finished, the refereeing was poor and Dana was in on it. Then again I’ve heard Brock is now the “Baddest Man on the Planet”, a moniker Fedor held for years. I understand these are opinions and don’t mean much but I don’t comprehend certain opinions.

Werdum submitted Fedor with textbook Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Emelianenko put himself in a bad position, a position he’s been in before but never had a problem getting out of, this time things were different. Brock worked through a 1st round beating he was on the wrong end of, to come out and submit Carwin in the 2nd, showing resiliency plus a new concept to his game. What I saw in both of those fights were 4 great fighters that provided us with 2 great fights, I saw some great BJJ and some great wrestling. I saw some decent ground and pound as well as a huge punch that put a fighter on his behind. Everyone doesn’t see through my eyes, I get that people have favorite fighters and want them to win but, that shouldn’t mean you can’t appreciate what really happened in a fight.

Lesnar showed amazing transitions for a 300 pound man along with the ability to get away from Carwin’s ground and pound although, Carwin was close to finishing Lesnar in the 1st. Referee didn’t stop it which is resulting in referee Josh Rosenthal taking heat for not stopping it, and in my opinion it didn’t need to be stopped. Fedor fans are screaming that it should’ve been stopped yet, when Brett Rogers mounted Fedor in their fight and started dropping bombs that didn’t need to be stopped according to Fedor fans. Refereeing is inconsistent, we know this but, in a big fight referees should take their time and be sure. If Brock was hurt bad he wouldn’t have been able to get up and go on to win.

It goes both ways, if Fedor would’ve beat Werdum, Fedor haters would still be saying “Fedor fights lesser competition” instead of praising his performance. These guys put everything on the line for us, even the most important thing they have; they’re health. None of us that know how it feels to put 3 months into a training camp, be confident to win, and get smashed in front of millions of people only to have some guy on the internet not appreciate your hard work and sacrifice. We as fans have to be more respectful towards these fighters, I’m calling out all MMA fans to start watching fights and stop judging fighters. It’s cool to have your favorite fighter and cheer for him but, you’re pathetic to not embrace the winner due to the fact he beat your favorite fighter with skill and preparation. Without these guys we wouldn’t have a sport to watch.

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Fedor doesn't fight world elite competition lately and he got caught by non elite competition. Brock got hurt for the first time we've seen.

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