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DirecTV and Versus strike deal just in time for UFC on Versus 1

DirecTV and Versus strike deal just in time for UFC on Versus 1
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Versus, home to World Extreme Cagefighting and now the Ultimate Fighting Championship, was dropped from the satellite-cable company's lineup on Sept. 1, 2009, after a dispute over carrier fees.

DirecTV boasts approximately 18 million subscribers and – thanks to some exclusive offerings such as the NFL Sunday Ticket – is popular with sports fans.

Terms of the new deal were not disclosed, though Versus has already been reinstated on the channel lineup.

"We are pleased that both sides were able to work out a satisfactory deal to bring this programming back to our customers," DirecTV executive Derek Chang stated.

A Versus executive echoed that sentiment while playing up the cable station's upcoming UFC on Versus 1 event, which airs this coming Sunday (March 21) live from Broomfield, Colo.

"We're excited that we were able to come to a fair agreement that puts Versus back in millions of homes with DirecTV in time for our busy spring programming schedule," Versus president Jamie Davis stated. "We look forward to super-serving these fans with NHL regular-season and playoff coverage, our first live UFC event and much more."


Post #1   3/15/10 5:19:00PM   

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Its always good news when I hear more people will be exposed to free MMA

Post #2   3/15/10 5:39:10PM   

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I just posted that the rumor was false because customer service said their was no pending deal, I guess they did not want to screw up the negotiations, I am really glad it is back I love the WEC, hopefully they will give us some reruns so we can see what we missed over the past half year

Post #3   3/15/10 6:23:24PM   


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Exactly what the UFC was going for, that's why they're doing the card in the first place.

Post #4   3/15/10 6:48:45PM   

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I dont have versus
im jealous of everyone who gets it

it should be given to all cablevision viewers on the east coast U.S,
but its not part of my basic cable
and I see nothing indicating i can even buy it individually in my area

sucks for me

Post #5   3/15/10 6:54:57PM   

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Posted by seanfu

Exactly what the UFC was going for, that's why they're doing the card in the first place.

Man, you gotta give credit where it's due here. Someone in the big offices down at the Zuffa compound was really making some business savy decisions when this deal was inked. Props to the braintrust (whomever that may be) inside Zuffa.

And as El Guapo always says- "God speed, and party on. Whoap!"

Post #6   3/15/10 7:59:36PM   

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Congrats to Dana and the BOYS(Fertita Bros). They acomplished what they set out to do! VS is back on wiht a major cabLe company!

Post #7   3/15/10 9:28:09PM   
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