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Gabriel Gonzaga talks Dos Santos,Brock Lesnar and sickening nutshot

Gabriel Gonzaga talks Dos Santos,Brock Lesnar and sickening nutshot
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One-time UFC heavyweight title challenger Gabriel Gonzaga is looking to get back into title contention and a second shot at the belt currently held by Brock Lesnar. At UFC 109 he faces fellow Brazilian hardcase Junior Dos Santos and the winner of the fight is going to see their stock rise strongly in the heavyweight division. We caught up with Napao to see what he’s up to.


Post #1   1/26/10 2:47:20PM   

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Always was, always will be on the ManBearPig War Wagon. He's always in the exciting fight. Not afraid to lose (or knock someones head into the third row) It does seem like he loses heart if he gets hit hard but.....I dont care. He's still gonna be champ. He'll beat Dos. Mur beats carwin. Pig beats Mur

Post #2   1/26/10 3:09:42PM   

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GG Quote from article - "I don’t think this fight will hit the ground, I believe I am a better striker and I want to prove that, I am not afraid to stand and strike with anyone. If the fight goes to the ground it is my place anyway."

Nighty night GG.

Post #3   1/26/10 4:29:28PM   

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That's what people were saying before the Cro Cop never know man

Post #4   1/26/10 5:11:50PM   

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i see Dos Santos winning. nothing against gonzaga but i still think dos santos will be champ one day.

Post #5   1/27/10 1:18:12AM   

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too right Dos Santos, too upset this tournment majorly.
If GG wants to stand hes gunna get hit hard and hit early and be forced to take it down or else he will go down.

I completely agree i see JDS putting a belt round his waste at some point but he needs to put on 30 pounds.

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