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Exclusive: Kenny Florian Talks Takanori Gomi, Diego Sanchez, and More

Exclusive: Kenny Florian Talks Takanori Gomi, Diego Sanchez, and More
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After a dominant win over Clay Guida, Kenny Florian is setting his sights on UFC newcomer and former Pride champ Takanori Gomi. In the exclusive talk with Cage Potato, he gives us his thoughts on the match-up, and lets us know how he really feels about seeing his old nemesis Diego Sanchez fleeing the lightweight division.


Post #1   1/23/10 1:00:10PM   

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I have to agree, when he says Diego never looked good at 155. I think Diego is realizing that he's not really more of a long night than a Nightmare. Diego ran away from 170 and realized that 155 was the tougher division. Now he has to climb back over the new blood. I would have like to see him fight Gomi instead of Florian.

Post #2   1/23/10 2:40:14PM   

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Diego should fight Kenny before moving up in weight. It appears to me that Diego would rather eat more and continue to not finish guys at 170lbs. Diego's advantage was his cardio and speed/quickness. When he moved down to 155lb he lost his speed advantage (see the Guida fight). I think it's the right move for Diego but I would like to see him fight Kenny first.

Post #3   1/23/10 2:41:22PM   
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