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Georges St-Pierre Mulls Permanent Move to Middleweight

do you want to GSP to move to 185, (take into account he would not be able to move back down to 170)
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yes 36 45%
no 44 55%
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Georges St-Pierre Mulls Permanent Move to Middleweight
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There are some who believe that Georges St-Pierre has nothing left to prove at 170 pounds, and that's why he should consider moving up to 185. However, GSP recently explained to the media that it's not that easy. He said that if should ever move up in a weight, he must be sure that his work is officially done at 170, because he won't be able to move back down. Plus, the current welterweight champion added that he has always been hesitant to move up because he has many friends who fight at 185, and he would never consider fighting any of them.


Post #1   1/17/10 6:25:21PM   

Shame Shame Larry!

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I voted No.

And the reason why, is because when a champ moves up, they automatically face the champ. And I have no reason to believe GSP taking on Anderson Silva is a good first step in the division.

If Anderson moves up, I'd consider it a much better move, but if Marquardt inherits the "top dog" title at 185 after that happens then he's obviously one of the guys GSP wouldn't face because of friendships.

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Post #2   1/17/10 6:29:23PM   

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Gogoplatapus Avatar

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I voted 'No' but I mean more like, 'Not Yet', I still think there are a couple of fights left for GSP at WW. Rematches with Fitch, Alves or Koscheck. Plus maybe AJ or Daley.

Let's put this on hold, maybe go up for Anderson's last fight if that's going to be the case in 2011.

Post #3   1/17/10 6:37:57PM   

MMA Sensei

State_Champ Avatar

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I voted 'yes' because I think GSP would fight Anderson first and I think he would lose that fight.

Post #4   1/17/10 6:44:17PM   

Shame Shame Larry!

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I do vote yes on him pursuing his goal to be on the Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team after the Hardy fight and coming back to the Octagon in in a year or two. That would be the perfect timing to look to move up in weight.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

Post #5   1/17/10 6:51:30PM   

Standup Guy

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There should be an I dont care option, because I dont care where he goes or who he faces, I am just ready to see someone beat him and then beat him again in the rematch. Sorry, but that is just how I feel about it. None the less I do recognize his talent.

Post #6   1/17/10 6:52:57PM   

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prozacnation1978 Avatar

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i think a tuf final coach won't hurt putting belt and class on hold till another contender emerges then again winner of kos dAley fight might get a shot

Post #7   1/17/10 6:55:23PM   

MMA Regular

RandyCouture Avatar

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I dont understand all this moving up and down. Like BJ and GSP and Anderson be the champ till you retire go down as one of the best in that weight class ever. Just because there is no competion left dont move up. Make a legacy dont try to dominate two weight classes just do the one your body is best fit for

Post #8   1/17/10 8:11:13PM   

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GSP IMO is the greatest 170er of all time already he has done something Hughes hasn't he avenged his losses and not only that he destroyed hughes and serra in the rematches a few more fights and I guess everyone would fill the same way

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Post #9   1/17/10 8:30:26PM   

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I don't think he's big enough to be as dominant at MW as he is at WW, but I'd still love to see him fight Anderson Silva.

Post #10   1/17/10 8:40:28PM   

In Full Mount

hate4thestate Avatar
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honestly i think a kos rematch is due. kos has been destroying people as of late. daley no. watching daley get laid on for 3 rounds isnt something i care to watch. alves hasnt reearned it yet and fitch ehhh not really either. alves beats fight or the other way around but if gsp stomps out alves/fitch and kos, i say step up cause hes done.

also i agree. he should not move to 185 and instantly fight anderson.see what he can do at the weight first. id say bisping but thats too easy. maybe a maia or sonnen.

Post #11   1/17/10 8:40:46PM   

Remember Paul Herrera

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185 is a much more eclectic division in terms of fighting styles.

I think he has a better chance of coming against a style that deals well against his strengths, and attack his weaknesses as a fighter at 185 than he ever will at 170.

Plus he wont have the reach advantage over everybody, which allows us to witness his stand-up level when he doesnt fight people with a 5-6 reach disadvantage.

Id love the move to 185.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

Post #12   1/17/10 9:32:47PM   

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tepid55 Avatar

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I think 185 would be a great division for, because he wouldn't have to work as hard to make the weight.

Post #13   1/17/10 9:52:59PM   

Heavyweight Champ

sbulldavid Avatar

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Sure, why not, his size and strength are his biggest advantages, and a realistically he's going to be negated by a couple of people at middleweight. I think Anderson would have the same problem if he fought all the top guys at 205, but Anderson has quickness on his side, and I just don't think GSP does as well at 185 as Silva does at 205. Having said that I think he would be seen at his true greatness if he moves up and fights some wars with some of the good 185 guys.

Post #14   1/17/10 10:00:13PM   

In Full Mount

karn501 Avatar
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I vote no for the simple fact that any champ at 170 will never really be classified as champ to be the man you have to beat the man I think he should just stay where he is at someone will beat him sooner or later he's not invincible

Post #15   1/17/10 11:50:49PM   
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