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Wilson Gouveia Cut by UFC, Will Make MFC Debut in April

Wilson Gouveia Cut by UFC, Will Make MFC Debut in April
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Following back to back TKO losses, the UFC has apparently trimmed Wilson Gouveia from their roster. However it didn’t take the fighter long to find at new home with Maximum Fighting Chamionships, according to a post on the promotion’s president, Mark Pavelich’s Twitter account.


Wilson always put on a show and was ready for a war every time out, but you do have to win in order to stay in the UFC, I think he could possibly make a comeback after a couple wins in MFC.

Post #1   1/13/10 6:41:11AM   

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I like this sad to see a guy dropped from the UFC but makes the MFC deeper and thats a good thing.

Post #2   1/13/10 7:31:27AM   

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I remember hearing about the MFC years and years ago and it was nothing too special but now they are picking up every known fighter they can. Their roster is getting very impressive.

Post #3   1/13/10 10:50:38AM   

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Gouveia looked lost against both Marquardt and Belcher. He has all the physical tools and talent; he just needs to train more. He already has very solid striking and a good ground game. I think his frame won't allow him to drop to 170, so packing on more muscle while improving his cardio at the same time will make him a much bigger threat at the top.

Either that or he'll stay in smaller shows for the rest of his career. He can make a good living off that, and he'd definitely beat my ass in a fight; he'll just never be considered one of the greats with that kind of career plan.

Post #4   1/13/10 11:21:38AM   

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I had a feeling this was coming, I'm just surprised they took so long to pull the trigger.

Post #5   1/13/10 11:51:14AM   

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He has the talent but lacks the motivation, sorta like an old bj penn/frank mir. Look at them now not just relying on talent, putting it all together to be one of the best.

But alittle surprising, since there are some guys in the UFC with back to back losses that havent been cut and also guys with 3 straight losses(few though I think)

Post #6   1/13/10 11:57:30AM   

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sad to see him go but yet ryan jensen remains!!

Post #7   1/13/10 7:29:42PM   

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Gouviea was 6-4 in the UFC...with a controversial loss to Jardine. He was winning his fights against both Reljic and Belcher before being TKO'ed. I don't understand how you can cut this guy. He's good talent, always puts on a good fight.

Post #8   1/14/10 12:59:33AM   

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He puts together 3 wins and he'll be back. Mark my words.

Post #9   1/14/10 2:08:16AM   
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