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Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort Planned for UFC 108

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Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort Planned for UFC 108
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mrsmiley Avatar

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I'm excited to see this.
I think Vitor is the first guy to have a legit chance of dethroning Anderson since Hendo.

War Vitor!

Post #16   9/26/09 8:46:40AM   

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mshalosky Avatar
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I dont see how u guys dont think hendo deserves it. sure he already lost to anderson but he pretty much dominated anderson in the first round. Plus dana already said that hendo would get the next shot. And i dont really think vitor has a shot at beating anderson he has faster hands but with andersons kicks and knees vitor will be in trouble. Who even knows if he would make weight?
I think hendo should get the next shot and marquardt ahould fight vitor.

Post #17   9/26/09 10:09:45AM   

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Jesse_Canadian_MMA Avatar

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Sounds good to me, I still think Nate and Dan fighting each other would be good but if Dan moves up then thats cool to and then Nate Marquardt can fight the winner of Silva and Belfort ...

also if Dan goes to StrikeForce-Mousasi by SUB

Post #18   9/26/09 10:57:36AM   

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jae_1833 Avatar

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I thought it was going to either Dan or Nate personally. However a fight between the two for #1 contender would have been awesome! Now what I see happening is Vitor losing in the 2nd round via TKO. Then Dan will probably fight Anderson at LHW (immediate title shot if Dan wins!) and Nate will probably just have to wait it out....they may give him someone in the meantime but that depends on if he wants to risk his #1 Contender spot or not.

Post #19   9/26/09 4:56:06PM   

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xdanish020 Avatar

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205 has better fights for Hendo anyway, and he could still get the shot at the winner of this fight. I don't really want to see Hendo/Marquardt because I feel that would eliminate a contender. If anything let Hendo get a fight or two at LHW and have Marquardt fight the winner of Okami/Sonnen.

I hope Vitor gets up for this fight against Anderson.

Post #20   9/26/09 7:32:35PM   


RMFG_187 Avatar
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Hendo doesn't deserve it, neither does Vitor. Marquardt should deserve it, but Vitor hasn't faced Anderson yet so technically he would be best fight.

Can't wait to see Vitor get KOd

Post #21   9/26/09 8:52:54PM   

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Frost_777 Avatar
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I gotta say i'd rather see the vitor vs anderson fight than any rematch, I just hope i finally get to see anderson drooling on the floor of the octagon! God i hate anderson

Post #22   9/29/09 12:02:38AM   

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lohmann Avatar

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It makes since for the UFC to do this as soon as possible. Belfort is on a winning streak, is recognizable, and appeals to a lot of fans even if he's not as deserving as Nate Marquardt.

If Henderson or Marquardt got the crack against Silva in his next matchup, that would mean the other would likely be put into a match with Vitor Belfort. The odds would be stacked against Belfort should he fight Marquardt or Henderson, so it would still likely mean Silva would have two rematches on his hands. It's probably best for business for the UFC to feed new contenders to Anderson Silva instead of recycling old matchups.

I think Belfort's best bet against Anderson Silva would be on the ground. Some positional control for 25 minutes would get him a thoroughly unentertaining decision. Should he stand up and strike, I see no reason to believe Vitor Belfort poses much of a challenge in anything but KO power.

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Post #23   9/29/09 12:39:03AM   

Shame Shame Larry!

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Posted by tallica62

belfort is good, but 1 fight then a title shot....unfair to some others who have been busting their ass... im still excited to see it, but others deserve it first... but then again who really cares...not like anyones gonna beat silva

I agree that Hendo and Marquardt deserve it more having done more for the UFC but...

Anderson only had to beat Leben, so he deserved his shot less than Vitor does.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

Post #24   9/29/09 12:49:16AM   
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