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Strikeforce Targeting Robbie Lawler vs. Ronaldo Souza in Fall

Strikeforce Targeting Robbie Lawler vs. Ronaldo Souza in Fall
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Strikeforce is looking to book a middleweight match-up between Robbie Lawler and Ronaldo Souza for the same card that will feature the Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers bout later this year on Showtime. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker informed FanHouse of the news at the Emelianenko public workout at the FightHouse gym in New York City on Wednesday.


Post #1   8/26/09 7:38:40PM   

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AchillesHeel Avatar

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Good matchup, I think. I'll have to be pulling for Jacare, since I want to see him get the winner of Shields & Mayhem.

Post #2   8/26/09 8:00:58PM   

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This is a pretty interesting fight. Lawler's a pretty good fighter but Shields submitted him pretty quickly. I think Jacare can probably do the same. I think sooner or later on the fight Jacare will catch him in some submission.

Post #3   8/26/09 8:03:38PM   

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Come on. I'm just not interested in watching such a stark contrast in styles since we basically saw a similar fight with Lawler against Shields so recently. Lawler vs. Manhoef! Soon. Please.

Post #4   8/26/09 8:05:43PM   

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TimW001 Avatar
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Robbie fighting another JJ ace? Why not.

Post #5   8/26/09 8:17:24PM   

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they are doing a good job of putting together good matchups with what they have to work with...this is a good fight...I'd like to see Scott Smith back in action soon.

Post #6   8/26/09 8:24:26PM   

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we all saw what Jake Shields did to Lawler i can't even imagine what Jacare is going to to do him.

Jacare Round 1 Flying Triangle!!!!!

Post #7   8/26/09 9:04:06PM   

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Nightmare27 Avatar
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This is not a good match up for Lawler. He looked bad against Shields and Jacare has a better BJJ game. Winner should fight the winner of Mayhem vs Shields, I doubt Le will be back by then.

Post #8   8/26/09 9:29:02PM   

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Robbie vs Melvin is a much better match up IMO too, however this does give him a chance to regain his status and maybe if he wins he will be able to say it was a fluke and gain a rematch? I know I am stretching.............Jacare R1 Sub.

Post #9   8/26/09 10:01:09PM   

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NatedawgThaM Avatar
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Definitely dont be writing off Lawler at all. Anybody whos seen Jacare fight knows how great he is but his chin is still a little suspect. I mean im not saying its weak its just hes been KO'd twice, and Lawler does have some pretty decent takedown defense and Lawler is one of the hardest hitters at 185 so Lawler could deifnitely put him to sleep at anytime as could Jacare in vice versa with a decision so I love this fight. Great middleweight match making by strikeforce putting on some sicks fights outside the UFCs middleweight division keeping things exciting. I could see this being a war but mostly likely its a fast paced bout the ends early sometime in the 1st.

Love watching both these guys. Wish they could both win since im big fans of both but i'll go with my brain and say Jacare chokes him outs like most the other opinions on here but i definitely won't count out Lawler. I definitely wouldnt be surprised if he pulled the upset devastating KO. Love this fight great job strikeforce!

Post #10   8/26/09 10:09:06PM   

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higdon10 Avatar
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Sick matchup

Post #11   8/27/09 12:43:00AM   

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pv3Hpv3p Avatar

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I'll happily watch the fight, but they should be matching Lawler up with guys that like to bang... I would have rather seen a Diaz rematch or a Cung Le fight... But Jacare is a beast, so I'll never complain about seeing him on american TV

Post #12   8/28/09 10:59:02AM   

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deezyo Avatar
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nice matchup

Post #13   8/29/09 1:07:40AM   
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