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Donald Cerrone Talks Jamie Varner, The TapouT House, More

Donald Cerrone Talks Jamie Varner, The TapouT House, More
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On The TapouT House: "We have the TapouT house going right now. The house we're in is five bedrooms, so there's plenty of room. But the house that I'm buying has an actual casita on it, which is two bedrooms with a giant living area, kitchen, washroom, laundry, everything for the guys to come out. So it's actually their own private house."

On His Goals With The TapouT House: "We're hoping they can come down and see what it's like to train with a world-class team, see what it's like to train alongside with me while I'm training for a title fight. Leonard is fighting in the WEC as well, so see what it's like to live and train in the everyday life of what we do – maybe open their eyes to say, 'This is what I'm doing wrong,' or 'This is what I need to do right,' or 'They're doing everything wrong, and I do it better on my own.' (We're) just trying to get people to come down, and hopefully Greg will be like, 'Yeah, I like this guy. Why don't you stick around and join the team?'"


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