Prediction: Lesnar's next opponent will be Fedor

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A lot of people are hating on Lesnar because they don't like him as a person. Step back and take a look at him as a fighter.

Lesnar vs Mir

Lesnar comes in and takes Mir down within the first ten seconds of the 1st round. Within 20 seconds, Mir is bloodied up, and in a post fight interview, he said he was seeing stars. Without warning, Mazzagati pulls Lesnar off of Mir because Mir turns while Lesnar is hitting him and Lesnar accidently strikes him to the back of the head once. Talk about consistency Mazzagati. You warned GSP over 3 times in his third fight against Hughes to stop hitting the back of the head, and NEVER took a point away. Here you do it without warning, for 1 strike, that was caused because Mir turned into Lesnar. Regardless, they stand up, and Mir immediately ends up on his back again. Lesnar makes the mistake of standing square in Frank's guard and gets knee bar'd. I have a feeling the fight would've gone a different way if it was never stood up. Either way, Lesnar showed he has excellent take downs and heavy ground and pound.

Lesnar vs Herring

From the very beginning to the very end, Lesnar manhandled a 250 pound man in Heath Herring dominantly for 3 rounds. The second the bell rings he launches a right hand that not only knocks Heath down, but sends him somersaulting backwards into the cage. The rest of the fight was spent with Lesnar delivering ground and pound from on top of Herring, and busting him up pretty bad. Here's a guy who's been in there with Nog, Cro Cop, Fedor, and for the entire fight, he had no answer for Lesnar. Impressive win for Brock.

Lesnar vs Couture

Couture out struck the lenghtly 6'8" Tim Sylvia for 5 rounds straight. He put a beating on Gonzaga, busting up his nose and breaking him down, controling almost the entire fight from the clinch. Then he got in there with Brock and he wasn't able to do either. Brock out wrestled Randy and then he out struck him. Granted, Couture is 220 lbs, but that has never stopped him against larger men in the past. Lesnar showed that he is for sure a power house and most certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Lesnar vs Mir II

Lesnar comes into this fight much smarter this time. He's patient on the feet, and picks his spots well. After waiting for the right moment, he takes Mir down with ease and secures a safe position. From there, he locks Mir's neck up between his bicep and his for arm, and starts delivering shot after shot with his other hand. And while these were small shots, they were busting Mir up. You saw his face after the round. Sure, this might not be the most eye appealing ground and pound, but if you can generate that much power and create that much damage by fighting this way, why wouldn't you? It's called fighting smart. This was basically the whole story of the fight. Next round, Brock takes him down again and does the same thing. Secures a good safe position and lands small shot after small shot. Then he hurts Mir.... with these small shots that Mir was making fun of btw. Mirs hurt, small shots turn into large ones, and the ref pulls Lesnar off of a bloody and beaten Frank Mir.

So now, in two fights, Lesnar has TKO'd Couture and TKO'd Mir, two top ten heavyweights, back to back. Anyone who says that this guy isn't the real deal is missing something.

For the Cro Cop argument that's going on, let's be real. Cro Cop hasn't been the same for awhile. He looked lackluster in his fight against Eddie Sanchez, he got KTFO in his fight against Gonzaga, he looked lackluster again in his fight against Kongo, and his fight against Al Turk was more of the same, lackluster. And this is looking lackluster against B level competition, not against top heavyweights. If Cro Cop looks bad against them, I can only imagine what someone like Brock will make him look like. And you want to post up pictures of his headkick, when's the last time we've seen a trademark Cro Cop headkick? All I remember is Cheick Kongo running a kickboxing clinic on him, and Gonzaga knocking him out with his own signature move.

All in all, Lesnar is the real deal. And while he would most likely have a hard time with Fedor, give the man a little bit of credit that he deserves.

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AMEN to RNC! Excellent post. You took the time to say what I didn't feel like taking the time to say.

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Due to the fact that Fedor still isn't signed with the UFC and in the past we have failed to have Fedor in the UFC this discussion is pointless, until Dana finds a way to get Fedor into the UFC we won't have to worry about a Brock vs. Fedor fight unless Brock chooses to leave the UFC which is more unlikely than Fedor being signed. Even if Dana uses his resources to make an attempt to bring Fedor in, I wouldn't be surprised if Fedor's managers turn down the offer. However I do agree that Brock should sweep some more of the UFC HW's before people start comparing him to Fedor. Brock is young in his career and I'm sure his time to fight more greats and step up will come. When that event happens, we will see if he has a true champion mentality. However until then, people will hate on him and speculate these huge fights and try to predict outcomes. But the only true way to know is give it time and let the match-ups happen. My opinion Fedor vs. Brock is either a long way down the road or will never happen.

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Get real people, Brock will destroy Fedor, it may take longer than other opponents, but Im sure he will do it. Dana will not try to bring Fedor to the UFC unless he is sure that Brock will win. He critisized Fedor a bunch of times, and this is his perfect chance to prove it.

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There is pretty much zero chance. The only thing there is less of a chance of would be Brock winning.

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i think if fedor gets through barnett (the last fight on his affliction contract) than a major play for fedor will be made by cooler heads in the ufc (i.e. not dana white)
so this scenario is not without plausability
IF fedor whoops barnett than i think both camps will know the iron would be hot to strike for a superfight, and in the public perception (as well as my own) this would be THE superfight which means both crazy money and crazy fan interest
this is a win-win so what's stopping it?
....possibly josh barnett
....possibly dana white
....possibly fedor's management
....possibly affliction's inevitable sexy counter offer
god dammit

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