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Maine Nearing MMA Legislation

Maine Nearing MMA Legislation
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The State of Maine is one of the last few dominoes left when it comes to legalizing MMA, but that particular domino looks to be teetering, as the Governor of Maine looks set to give the go ahead to MMA for the state:

Legislation that would allow mixed martial arts fights in Maine has received all but final approval from lawmakers, and Gov. John Baldacci says he will consider signing the measure after his administration opposed a similar bill earlier this year.

“The original bill had the Department [of Public Safety] regulating it, and there was just not the expertise and staff to handle it,” Baldacci said in an interview. “That is not what is called for now.”

The measure passed by the House and Senate is a different bill from that crafted by the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee. The new measure would establish the Mixed Martial Arts Authority of Maine to regulate and promote mixed martial arts competitions, exhibitions and events. The governor would appoint the five members to the authority.

The article details the opposing camps for MMA in the state, with one opponent of MMA coming up with this little gem: “Now, there are rules, but not rules created by the Marquis de Queensbury but [rules] by the Marquis de Sade.” The governor will now take the billl under advisement and speak with all parties before making a final decision on signing the bill into law, but the odds look great for getting MMA in this northeasten state.


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This is fantastic news! I live in ME, and this is one of those havens of MMA that is waiting to break out. We have several MMA academies with some lower to mid level fighters, namely Marcus Davis, who can bring some recognition to the state. I doubt UFC will make an appearance here anytime soon (maybe WEC), but this is a big deal for those in New England and Eastern Canada.

Post #2   6/3/09 12:12:32PM   

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I'm from Maine and am pumped for this to happen. Congratulations to Marcus Davis who had a lot to do with this happening!!!!

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