UFC 104 Shogun VS. Machida

Shogun VS. Machida
Shogun KO/TKO 21 27%
Shogun Sub. 2 3%
Shogun Dec. 1 1%
Machida KO/TKO 49 62%
Machida Sub. 1 1%
Machida Dec. 5 6%
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I'm talking MMA , he's never lost so obviously he's never been submitted . I've looked back on several of his fights and his sumo defense seems to be vulnerable to leg and ankle attacks .

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The only downfall for Shogun is he is the most complete fighter IMO and has the best style for machida, but the thing is with his style he dont have much power oin his punches. He isnt a one punch KO artist, he hits you with lethal combos to put you away, and i dont think hell land much shots in his punches to be able to put Machida down which is why i liked Rampages chance because he has one punch KO power and unlike with Rashads only KO chance, he just throws while overhands while Rampage uses technique to put that one punch in just the perfect place so I think he could catch him. Im hoping Shogun beats him down for a 2/3rd round stoppage but it looks like if he dont catch him Machida will put him down in that amount of time. Shogun just needs to get after him and hel have a good chance.

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Posted by sbulldavid

I've been a Machida fan and have always respected his skills , I just want everybody to STFU when he starts having fights like Anderson Silva's last couple fights . Nobody thought he deserved a shot before the Thiago Silva fight . Believe it or not Shogun will be the first fight that Machida has had against a fighter of his caliber . Thiago Silva never beat any championship level fighters , BJ Penn is a 155 pound fighter at his best , Rich Franklin and Rashad Evans are the same caliber of fighter . They won fights when they were supposed to .

Shogun wins this fight , Machida's lead leg is going to be a big target . Machida is going to be forced to fight Shogun . Machida seems to get caught in a lot of leg locks . Something the Chute Boxe fighters excel at . But the number one reason Shogun wins is because Shoguns chin has been tested and Machida's chin will get tested this time around .

I dont get your rant for both sides, you seem to be bitching for the sake of bitching trying to provoke others on this post. and I still dont understand the leglock thing. quit cryin and post something note worthy

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Lyoto by KO, im guessing round 3, although I wouldn't be surprised if he ko'd him in round 1.

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I think its bullshit that hes gettin a title shot, he needs to win against sum1 in top ten atleast to get a shot as he looked like crap against forrest and coleman and didnt exactly get tested much in the liddell fight,

he should atleast fight rashad before having a title shot, and let rampage have the shot he deserves now ,

hell i recon wanderlai silva deserves a title shot more than shogun, his knock out wernt half as good as his against jardines and his performance against liddell was better than shoguns against coleman!!

im going with machida any way he decides to finish the fight

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Gimme a break, the UFC couldnt come up with a decent opponent ? And they say this weight class is stacked. Im more hyped thinking who might fight Machida after Shogun. Oh well, lets just enjoy the show Machida will put.

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Posted by sbulldavid

I just love all the bandwagon jumpers that said Machida was too boring . Are you guys even fight fans ? I see people bitching about the belts being tied up , then I hear them complaining about Anderson Silva fights , then they turn around and bitch about a title fight that is guaranteed to be explosive and technical . Shogun was the best fighter in the world before his injuries . Now we either get to see him reclaim his throne or we get to see how good Machida really is . Don't tell me you'd rather see Luis Cane lose a decision to Machida . He didn't look so great after the first round in his last fight . Maybe you'd rather see Jardine get a title shot . Couture comes and fights for titles after getting his ass beat into retirement . I'd rather see a great fight , because it beats the hell out of Machida sitting on the belt for a year .

You make no sense what so ever, your crying over what again, I do believe you are trying to start trouble. It is a forum, and its peoples opinions respect them, don't bash them. There is like a 80% chance your opinion is gonna be different than the next posters opinion. Grow Up, after a while mods will get tired of it and just ban you.

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Fighter A makes $8,000 per fight and is on a 5 fight win streak
Fighter B makes $100,000 per fight and is on a 2 fight win streak

Fighter A has $40,000 + bonuses invested
Fighter B has $200,000 + bonuses invested

Fighter B gets title shot.

Plain and simple.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

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Posted by the_01

Gimme a break, the UFC couldnt come up with a decent opponent ? And they say this weight class is stacked.

#3. Rashad Evans is busy with #2. Rampage Jackson
#4. Forrest Griffin is busy fighting Anderson Silva
#5. Shogun Rua - Not Scheduled for a fight
#6. Wanderlei Silva is busy with Rich Franklin
#7. Dan Henderson is busy with Michael Bisping
#8. Keith Jardine is busy with Thiago Silva
#9. Chuck Liddell may be retired and wont get a shot at the belt again.
#10. Luis Arthur Cane - Not Scheduled for a fight

The only 3 guys in MMAPlayground's top 10 that are currently not scheduled are Shogun, Liddell, and Cane...... What other scenarios could possibly play out? Shogun vs Cane and hold the belt up for another 6-7 months? Let Shogun fight now and by the time the winner of that matchup is ready for another fight the winner of Rampage/Rashad or possibly Forrest will be ready for their title shots....

Shogun is the most deserving fighter that is not scheduled.....get over it people

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Anyone who thinks Rua is not a quality opponent has to be,
A. a extremely casual MMA fan, they guy you ask if he wished we still had pride and he starts talking about the Iraq war...
B. forum troll.
C. playa hater.

It only takes a glance at rua's credentials to know he can be a serious threat. I think you need to take the UFC goggles off.

Dont forget his back to back knee injury's to both knees and one knee twice.

The UFC has never been and will never be like boxing where you need to be the number one contender to get the title shot so just forget about all that.

I think Machida himself might have had more to do with this than Jackson... but thats pure speculation.

The three patella tendon transfer Rua has had are done when you blow out all the ligaments in your knee and let me tell you its not a "in and out" procedure and to have three of them almost back to back to back would set a fighters training and cardio back significantly, and thats just what it did in his fight with Forest. He blew a knee out again in that fight had another surgery and fought Colman, clearly he was just pushing himself to fight before he was ready and its one of the reasons I took Chuck.

It took me six months of rehab before I could be active on mine and I was seventeen at the time, even if you make a speedy recovery thats at least four months. I think Rua is as deserving as anyone else and is probably one of the few 205rs that can beat Machida. He has two wins in a row and better record against a higher caliber of opponents than almost anyone in the division.

This was a good move by the UFC logistically as well as a exciting fight. I think a healthy Rua in top shape beats Machida and even if he doesn't its still going to be a hell of a fight!

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Right on to this guy slapshot.

Shogun Rua is the perfect matchup for Machida. Now, this can be attributed only to the Ultimate Fighter series, and/or Evans/Jackson rivalry. The UFC is once again, letting the T.U.F. franchise influence the decisions in fights/title implications. Between putting titles on hold, or in freeze mode while they place a fighter in the coaches's seat, and now holding off on Rampage's title shot. they've began to let this thing take a lead in Joe Silva's j. o. b. Or is it?

Did the show in fact give us an opportunity to see both Evans vs. Jackson, and let's all be honest, that fight looked like it could have been awesome in every faccet. Pre fight, fight, post fight.etc.etc. We will also get to see in my opinion, a very exciting and enlightening, matchup. Shogun is a mystery to alot of people's minds, because he is still unknown to the as I said before, "tuf watchers, and Liddell huggers", but believe you me, in his PRIDE days, this men went through a gauntlet to win that GP in 2006. And if it weren't for his affinity towards the Chute Boxe camp, and his partners' stake at the championship(W.Silva) he'd have been the face of the division.

Coming to the UFC, Rua was a win away from challenging Jackson for his title, which he took from who?Liddell. Now, because Griffin won the fight, Forrest went to fight Rampage, a man who Shogun destroyed unmercifully. So, people need to realize this guy is here for a reason. Just as Jackson was before he took Liddell to the curb. I'll give ya a lackluster, unimpressive performance against Coleman. but hey, at least the judges' didn't decide it. Rashad KO'd Chucky and got a title shot at Griffin. Rashad beats the guy that beat Shogun....so see there is a relation forming. Now, we wouldn't be talking about a title fight between these two, if Rampage had been able to pull off the two month turnaround on a fight with Evans. Machida was. So now, Machida disposed of Evans. and Shogun....destroyed Chucky. They are on the verge to meet, not to claim no.1 contender spot. but for the no.1 spot. period.

I am thrilled about this fight. Anybody who isn't has months to get their mind right. The UFC also gets to plug and milk a sizzling rivalry between Rashad and Rampage for 6 months, instead of two.Win Win. And for everyone's information, between Rampage and Shogun, noone else should be up for a shot.Get it right.

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i'm taking shogun in this fight, and i've never been more confident in my pick (granted i have the worst win ratio on this site -- haha). shogun is the better striker, tested chin, and more effective JJ (IMO). If/When Shogun trains his ass off for this fight, you'll see a new and improved shogun, even better than the shogun of old.

mark my words!

machidas chin will be tested in this fight

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though i will be there wearing a shogun t shirt i do think he will gas out by the third round and machida will ko or tko him shortly later

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Shogun is definitely aggresive but he dosent have the one hit ko power in his hands which is what i think a fighter needs to beat Lyoto, i also think a big part of this fight is gonna come down to Shogun's stamina...Shogun looked explosive against chuck but he didnt go far enough for us to really see if he improved his conditioning....if Shogun comes in well conditioned he has a shot but if not its gonna be a long night for Shogun

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Maybe Matt Hughes should get a title shot now because years ago he was great, and he has good credentials,and he is coming off a win....

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